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The EMC Shop specializes in setting up turnkey hardware and software solutions to make electromagnetic compatibility testing as automated and efficient for our customers. If you are looking for a compliance lab or design and failure analysis consultation feel free to contact us. We work large companies and independant consultants all over North America and refer you to local or specialist service providers.


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  • EMC Test Equipment Calibration


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    The EMC Shop is an ISO 17025, A2LA accredited company. Schedule onsite calibration services or send your EMC equipment to us and we'll turn it around in 3-5 business days. Calibration services for conducted immunity test equipment and transient generators used for electrical disturbance injection testing and product certification.


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    Calibration capabilities include most conducted and radiated EMC test equipment including transient generators for IEC 61000-4-X, Automotive ISO 7637 as well as military and aerospace test equipment for standards such as MIL-STD-461 and RTCA/DO-160.

  • Rental EMC Test Equipment

    The EMC Shop has acquired more than a million dollars worth of testing equipment capable of meeting IEC 61000-4-x, MIL-STD-461, ISO 7637 and many other test standards for electromagnetic compliance. Renting EMC test equipment is an ideal solution for R&D and manufacturers looking to certify their products.

  • Anechoic Chamber Setup & Evaluation

    The EMC Shop has experienced technicians on staff capable of setting up, dismantling and moving and evaluating RF and Anechoic chamber leakage and performance.

  • RF/EMI Shielding Effectiveness Testing


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    The EMC Shop stocks test equipment for EMI and RF shielding effectiveness testing per IEC-299, MIL-STD-285, CISPR and more. The EMC Shop offers on site testing services to perform shielding effectiveness test on shielded rooms and boxes, screen rooms and anechoic chambers.


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  • Used/Refurbished EMC Test Equipment

    The EMC Shop utilizes it's contacts and experience to recover, recycle and refurbished used EMC testing equipment. Purchasing used or refurbished test equipment can save users up to 50% off manufacturers list price and allow them to bring the equipment in house immediately, avoiding long lead times.

  • Trade-Ins, Buybacks, Consignment

    The EMC Shop is focused on working with its customers so that they get the equipment they need in a timely manner. Sometimes a company has unused EMC test equipment that could help another customer meet their deadlines. The EMC Shop works with test labs, manufacturers and other companies with under-utilized assets to get them revenue by trading in, selling or consigning their unused electromagnetic compliance testing equipment. Contact The EMC Shop now to sell us equipment from Teseq (Schaffner), EM Test, AH Systems, Com-Power, FCC, EMC Partner and Keytek (Thermo Fisher).

  • System Integration Support

    The EMC Shop staffs seasoned veterans whom programmed with popular software packages such as Teseq C5 and Rohde EMC32 as well as building automated test scripts using Python and other programming languages. Customers with looking to integrate new equipment and update the software to recognize and utilize the equipment to its full capability. Contact sales to begin collaborating with a programmer and receive different options of system integration support.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items