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3ctest EDS 30V Automotive ESD Simulator for ISO 10605


  • Ergonomic design
  • LCD touch screen control 
  • Temperature and humidity record and protection
  • Automatic polarity switching over
  • Discharge modules can be replaced, automatic identification
  • Built-in standard test library
  • Intelligent detection the failure of air discharge

As per standards

  • ISO 10605
  • GB/T 19951

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Test Equipment Description

3ctest EDS 30V Automotive ESD Simulator for ISO 10605 is an advanced intelligent electrostatic discharge generator, the output voltage 30kV. LCD touch screen is simple and easy to operate, RC module can be replaced, the built-in temperature hygrometer, remote control software, to ensure the reliability of all kinds of tests.


  • Communication 
  • Information technology 
  • Telecom 
  • Automotive
  • Military 
  • Medical 
  • Aviation 
  • Broadcast and TV 
  • New energy and power 
  • Railway
Technical Parameters
Contact discharge200V – 30,000V    +/-5%
Air discharge200V – 30,000V    +/-5%
Voltage step100V
Holding time> 5s
RC module recognitionAutomatic recognition and LCD  display
Temperature and humidityBuilt-in temperature and humidity meter with record and protection function
Pulse  repetition ratesingle/0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10/20Hz
Trigger modemanual& auto
Pulse counting1-9999
Discharge module330PF/2000Ω;150PF/2000Ω
330PF/330Ω; 150PF/330Ω
Summary procedureTest as per standard level
Rising time0.7-1.0ns
Quick start test programSimple and easy to reset data online
Evaluate procedureContact discharge test at 20Hz,evaluate the test points of DUT
Standard Test ProcedureISO 10605
General parameters
Environment temperature15-35℃(operating conditions)
Relative humidity30%-60%(operating conditions)
Air pressure86kPa-106kPa
Working power supply100V-240V+/-10%  50/60Hz
DMXCustomized discharge module
Grounding high voltage resistor2x470 kohm
Vertical coupling plane500 x 500mm
Horizontal coupling plane1600 x 80mm
Grounding reference plane2700 x 1800mm
Test table1600 x800 x800mm, fully woodenas per IEC 61000-4-2
Battery box8*2600mAh Ni-MH charging batteryaround 8h for contact discharge +30kV1Hz, size 140mm x100mm x35mm.weight 0.5kg
Battery chargerUsed for charging
ESD calibration setUsed for calibration waveforms as per ISO 10605, including 2 ohm target/4GHz, attenuatorcoaxial cable and user manual
Standard equipped
Discharge gunDischarge gun and control 1PC
High voltage generatorHigh voltage power  supply  with programmable control 1PC
Standard RC  module330PF/2000Ω 150PF/2000Ω
330PF/330Ω   150PF/330Ω
Discharge modules can be replaced
Discharge tipAir discharge tip, contact discharge tip
Grounding wire2m
DocumentsFactory calibration report and user manual

Associated EMC Test Equipment

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