EMC Partner Damped Oscillatory Wave Generator

EMC Partner has one system is available with expansion capabilities to cover all damped oscillatory test requirements. Many of the generators include more than one impulse type, making them ideal for laboratory applications. For all generators, the most significant test parameters can be programmed as fixed values on the instrument front panel, or using the ramp function to change parameters during a test. Impulse voltage level, synchronisation angle and polarity can all be programmed using this feature.

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    • Slow Wave, Fast Wave, Impulse voltage test or any combination
    • Integrated 32A Three Phase Coupler
    • Oscillatory Wave from 100KHz to 30MHz
    • External data line coupler
    • Supports magnetic field testing
    • Phase angle synchronization
    • Includes 0.5J / 500 Ohm insulation impulse (1.2/50)
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    • Generates 1MHz and 100 kHz up to 3 kV
    • Voltage Output for use with 3-Phase CDN
    • Output for Magnetic Field Testing
    • EN/IEC 61000-4-18 Testing
    • EN/IEC 61000-4-10 Testing w/ MF1000-1
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    • Parameter ramp feature / Electronic polarity change
    • High degree of automation without software
    • Solid state impulse switch and solid state polarity change (no mechanical switch, no spark gaps or tubes) - advantages: low jitters, no high frequency switching noise,
    • Microprocessor menu controlled, printer port and RS232 remote control
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    • DOW "Slow waves" 1MHz and 100 kHz up to 3 kV
    • Combination Wave
    • Lightning impulse 0.5j
    • Magnetic field testing (impulse, AC, DOW)
    • Electronic polarity change
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items