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EMC Test Design is a manufacterer of RF field probes an isotropic antennas for Electric-Field (E-Field) monitoring and evaluation. THese probes are suitable for cleanroom, anechoic chambers and outdoor use. The EMC Shop stocks EMC Test Design E-field meters and istropic probe antennas for rental or sale.

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    • Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP-05M
    • Probe PI-03, Electric: 3 MHz – 18 GHz. 0.8 – 800 V/m
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    • Antenna Sensor: Isotropic 3-Axis
    • Frequency range: 30 MHz - 3 GHz
    • Dynamic range: 3 mV/m - 300 V/m
    • Compact Design
    • Rechargeable battery operation time: 8 hours
    • Warranty and Calibration Period - 1 year
    • CE Mark
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    • PC Interface
    • bidirectional
    • wired, optically decoupled, or fiber optic connection
    • for use with EMC Test Design Smart Fieldmeter

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    • 3MHz-18GHz frequency range
    • Compact Size
    • Diode based: 3-Axial isotropic sensor
    • Operates with both RFP-04 and RFP-05 meters
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    • AM/FM/TV and GSM Cellular stations.
    • Transmitters and CB radios.
    • Cell phones.
    • Microwave ovens.
    • RFID antennas.
    • Industrial, scientific and medical equipment.
    • GTEM cells and antennas for EMC testing of consumer, industrial, automotive and military products.
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    •    Large dynamic range with auto ranging and auto-zero functions offers high accuracy and simple operation.
    • Advanced programmable data sampling with time and space averaging allows monitoring and recording of time variable signals.
    • Internal data logging with removable flash memory card offers programmable and practically unlimited data storage.
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    • Frequency range: 30 MHz - 6 GHz.
    • Dynamic range: 1 mV/m - 60 V/m.
    • 10 Hour Battery Life
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Calibration certificate, traceable to UK NPL
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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items