RF Power Meters

Keysight power meters operate with sensors of various types (CW, average and peak and average), covering numerous frequency and power ranges to accurately measure the power of RF and microwave signals. Applications include testing the output power of communication base-station transmitters, cellular telephones, radar system equipment, and much more.

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    • Fast measurement speed (up to 100 readings per second, over the GPIB, with E-series sensors)
    • Speed improvement of x2 using the 8480 series power sensor (compared to 437B)
    • No range-switching delays with 8480 series sensors, and only one fast-range switching point with E-series sensors
    • High-resolution display with backlighting for a wide viewing angle of displayed data
    • Save and recall of up to 10 instrument states
    • GPIB connector for remote control of all functions
    • Code compatibility with 438A
    • Conformity to CE and CSA standards
    4-6 Weeks
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    • 9 kHz to 110 GHz Frequency Range (sensor dependent)
    • -70 to +44 dBm Wide Dynamic Range (sensor dependent)
    • Speed improvement by 2X for E-Series sensors: up to 400 readings/sec
    • Go beyond GPIB with LAN LXI-C and USB connectivity
    • Code-compatible with E4418B, E4419B power meters*
    • Code-compatible with 436A, 437B and 438A power meters (option 200)
    • Increased measurement channels: up to three channels with two additional U2000 Series power sensors connected using the optional USB hosts
    • Automated frequency/power sweep measurements with the optional external trigger in/out feature
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    • 30 MHz Video Bandwidth
    • Single shot real time capture at 100 Msample/s per second
    • Key Measurements: - peak, average, peak-to-average ratio, rise time, fall time and pulse width
    • 22 Predefined formats: WiMAX, DME, HSDPA, etc.
    • One screen view for pulse measurement analysis: Auto Scale, Auto Gate, Rise/Fall Time, Duty Cycle, etc.
    • Internal Zeroing and Calibration while connecting to the DUT
    • BenchVue software enabled
    4-6 Weeks
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items