Power Line Filters

Buy new or used EMC Chamber Power Line Filters for RF shielded rooms. The EMC Shop offers installation and retrofit services on EMC chambers for improved performance.

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    • Our High Performance Power Line Filters are Compact unit
    • Easy to install
    • Custom design acceptable
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    • Insertion loss up to 100dB from 14KHz to 40GHz
    • Supper low leakage current at mA level
    • Voltage drop is less than 1V
    • Custom design acceptable
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    • High insertion loss across a broad band of frequencies from a few tens of kHz up to the GHz region
    • Very low internal series idductance
    • Very high self-resonant frequency
    • Self-healing dielectric
    • High quality and reliability
    • Anti-twist protection
    • Through-buikhead mounting.
    • Custom-specific or dual-versions on request Typical Application                   
    • AC Power line filter for 250VAC power lines
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    • Made of copper nickel material
    • It has high conductivity
    • Shielding performance
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items