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Rent, buy or lease Robotic Near Field Scanners. The EMC Shop specialiles in RF and thermal characterization and measurement analysis.

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    • Aprel EM-ISight-SR-6AXIS, robotic near field scanning system (9kHz - 6GHz) w/ probe 
    • 64-Bit operating system for EM-ISight 
    • Calibration of probes, cables, PMDPS, MSL & loads
    • New encoder battery installed & calibrated to robot arm 
    • Upgraded vision electronics with camera mount, plate, DUT detection, probe centering 
    • DC - 200MHz low noise amplifier 
    • Hxy-Low Frequency Probe DC - 300kHz 
    • Hz Low Frequency Hz Probe, DC - 300kHz 
    • ALS-Ez 1.5mm 6 HGz Probe
    • Server application to allow user to use their software applications/existing programming 
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    • Six independently controlled axis
    • Calculate multi-spot SAR and perform multi-cube analysis automatically
    • Covers frequency range of 30MHZ to 6GHz
    • Universal workstation for phantom flexibility
    • LTE support for 4G applications


    • Left and right SAM phantoms,
    • Mid-size Uni-Flat phantom
    • Low frequency Uni-Large phantom


    • Product Development
    • SAR Near-Field Studies
    • Compliance Testing
    • Quality Assurance
    • System Validation
    • Probe Calibration
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    • 10 kHz - 40 GHz Frequency Range
    • High resolution scan (0.02mm)
    • Coarse scan function (>10mm)
    • Dynamic touch detection
    • 4D Measurements using X, Y, Z and PHI movements
    • Complete distribution presented in 3D or 4D plot
    • Source direction plots (vector)
    • Customizable reports automatically exported to MS Word
    • 5 or 6 Axis Articulated Robotic System Options


    • Basic 6 GHZ Systems
    • 40 GHz SystemsUpgrade Program
    • EMI-Sight ESD
    • Standard, Extended or Long Reach Robots
    • Single Probe Solutions
    • Ubiquitous Server Application Software Module
    • Far Field Approximation Software Module
    • Support for Multiple Test Equipment Vendors


    • Integrated Circuit/Printed Circuit Board
    • Wireless modules
    • De-Sense testing (receiver circuits)
    • Medical devices
    • Automotive and aviation
    • Electronic device emissions
    • Pre-Compliance testing
    • Quality control/audit
    • Cell phone/computer devices
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    • 5 Axis Denso Robot
    • Comprehensive measurement package
    • Hearing Aid Measurement Module
    • Active and Passive twin-axis T-Coil probes
    • Fully characterized Helmholtz Coil and TMFS
    • Firmware controlled DAQ for future proof upgrades
    • Full graphic package for visualization and manipulation of measured data
    • Audio DAQ-PAQ with built in amplifier for T-Coil validation (requires an additional Helmholtz Coil and software upgrade)


    • MiNiHAC T-Coil Probe
    • MiNiHAC H-Field Probe
    • MiNiHAC E-Field Probe
    • Helmholtz Coil
    • TMFS
    • Dipoles
    • Universal Device Positioners


    • RF Emissions Test - near field measurements of the electric and magnetic fields emitted by a wireless device
    • RF E-Field emissions V/m
    • RF H-Field emissions A/m
    • Audio Frequency T-Coil Tests
    • ABM1 intensity and frequency response
    • ABM2 intensity and frequency response
    • Fast Furrier transform and audio quality analysis
    • ANSI C63.19 2011
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items