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The EMC Shops' Testing Division is a dynamic test lab with the knowledge and experience to perform an assortment of product evaluation and compliance.


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  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) Testing

    The EMC Shop offers the fastest turn around time on Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) Testing services in North America.


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    In many countries, regulatory requirements may limit the number of 5 GHz channels available or place additional restrictions on their use because the spectrum is shared with other technologies and services. For instance, in the US and other countries, some of the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) bands are used by radar systems. Wi-Fi networks operating in those bands are required to employ a radar detection and avoidance capability. The IEEE 802.11h standard addresses this requirement by adding support for DFS and transmit power control (TPC) on every DFS channel.

    Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) Testing

    DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) is a spectrum-sharing mechanism that allows wireless devices, notably those that use the 5250 – 5350 MHz and 5470 – 5725 MHz bands, to coexist with radar systems. DFS requirements have been established by the European Union, the FCC, and regulatory bodies in other markets.

    DFS Test Standards

    • Meet FCC Part 15.407, Title 47
    • Canada RSS-247
    • AS/NZS 4268,
    • Japan Article 2-1 No. 19-3, Article 2-1 N0. 19-3-2
    • Meet ETSI / EN 301 893 and 302 502
    • KCC Notice No. 2013-1, LP0002 and MII announcement No, 205
  • EMC & EMI Testing

    The EMC Shop offers testing services for electromagnetic emissions and immunity. EMC and EMI testing is typically an after thought and getting support fast to get your product certified and to market is our priority.


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  • CE Mark Testing & Certification

    The EMC Shop testing lab offer CE Mark approval testing services to allow for product sales in Europe and the world. Expedited testing services can allow your product to receive CE certification within 10 business days.

    CE Mark Certification Process

    • Identify Product Standard
    • Generate Test Plan
    • Test, review and adjust design (if necessary)
    • Validate results
    • Issue Certification

    CE Mark Testing Lab

    CE Mark Testing and Certification Lab

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  • PCB/IC EMI Emissions Scanning and Modeling

    Proactively identify RF hotspots and EMI issues during design phase on PCB's and IC's at The EMC Shop.

    PCB/IC EMI Emission Scanning and Modeling

    Proactively identify RF hotspots and EMI issues during design phase on PCB's and IC's at The EMC Shop. Utilizing a robotic near field system and an assortment of e- and h- field probes. Easily identify areas emitting beyond emissions requirements for compliance. Also, evaluate your products response when injected with noise sources and see how it responds.

    The EMC Shop works with customers in house or online throughout the process to characterize DUT Emissions using a Robotic Near Field System. Send your PCB/IC to be scanned and modelled for EMI and emissions performances during the desing phase, minimize reactive re-designs later.


    • Evaluate Requirements
    • Test Plan Development
    • Execute Testing
    • Technical Files and Report
    • Review
    • Improve

    PCB/IC Scanning and Modeling


    ESD Injection - PCB/IC Scanning and Modeling

  • In-Situ RF & EMC Testing Services

    The EMC Shop offers in-situ EMC testing services for EMC and RF electrogmagnetic performance.