FCC Certification Testing

The EMC Shops' Testing Division is a dynamic test lab with the knowledge and experience to perform an assortment of product evaluation and compliance. The EMC Shop offers FCC certification testing services.


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EMC and EMI testing can be after thought and The EMC Shop will work with you to get your product evaluated and to market quickly. Collaborating with design engineers, an in depth analysis will lead to action items and product improvement.

Save time and money to ensure you get your product certified on the first attempt. The EMC Shop offers FCC certification testing services.

FCC Certification Testing

The FCC regulates radio frequency (RF) devices contained in electronic-electrical products that are capable of emitting radio frequency energy by radiation, conduction, or other means. These products have the potential to cause interference to radio services operating in the radio frequency range of 9 kHz to 3000 GHz.

Almost all electronic-electrical products (devices) are capable of emitting radio frequency energy. Most, but not all, of these products must be tested to demonstrate compliance to the FCC rules for each type of electrical function that is contained in the product. As a general rule, products that, by design, contain circuitry that operates in the radio frequency spectrum need to demonstrate compliance using the applicable FCC equipment authorization procedure (i.e., Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) or Certification) as specified in the FCC rules depending on the type of device. A product may contain one device or multiple devices with the possibility that one or both of the equipment authorization procedures apply. An RF device must be approved using the appropriate equipment authorization procedure before it can be marketed, imported, or used in the United States.

The following discussions and descriptions are provided to help identify whether a product is regulated by the FCC and whether it requires approval. The more difficult issue, but not covered in this document, is how to categorize an individual RF device (or multiple components or devices within an end product) to determine the specific FCC rule part(s) that apply, and the specific equipment authorization procedure or procedures that need to be used for FCC compliance purposes. This determination requires technical understanding of the product, as well as knowledge of the FCC rules.

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    • Class A and Class B, Intentional and Unintentional radiator testing
    • Customizable test plans for specific frequencies and sections of FCC Part 15
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