Automotive Load Dump Generators


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The EMC Shop stocks automotive load dump generators to test components to be used in electric vehicles (as well as gas-powered). Meet ISO 16750-2 and other industry standards as well as manufacturer standards or use software to customize or replicate voltage dropouts that you want to expose your device to.

Automotive load dump test setup

Most of our customers will simply place the automotive load dump on a bench, ground the chassis, and be off and rolling. There are diagrams avaialble that specify spacing, placement, etc... We have found that in most cases, these aren't detrimental unless striving for full compliance.


Automotive Load Dump Generator

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Be sure the load dump generator and any external coupling devices are well grounded. Start testing at lower voltage levels to observe how your DUT responds as well as surrounding equipment in your test area. Your test setup may require you to move equipment and/or isolate your test area a bit more.

Test Parameters Example

Automotive Load Dump Generators

Vehicle Manufacturer Test Standards

  • EN 301489-1 EN 300329 EN 300340 
  • ISO 7637 
  • ISO 16750 
  • SAE J1113 and SAE J1455 
  • JASO 
  • Nissan 
  • BMW 600 13.0 GS 95002 BMW GS 95003-2
  • Case New Holland ENS0310
  • Chrysler PF-9326
  • Claas CN 050215
  • Cummins 14269
  • Daimier Chrysler DC-10842 and PF-10540 
  • FAW Diesel ECU MY06.0
  • Fiat 9.90110
  • Ford EMC-CS-2009.1
  • Ford ES-XW7T-1A278-AB

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    • ISO 16750-2 TEST A/B
    • ISO 7637-2 P5a/P5b
    • Generates clipped load dump pulse 
    • internal adjustable source impedance 
    • Pulse duration up to 1200ms (internal resistance more than 2 Ω)
    • Comply with most international standards and car manufacturer standards 
    • Built-in 60V/30A coupler 
    • With the function of current detection and over current protection 
    • Ethernet, RJ 45, PC control

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    • Load Dump generator according to ISO 7637, ISO 16750-2, SAE J1113, SAE J1455, JASO, Nissan and most car manufacturer requirements 
    • Generates Clipped Load Dump pulses 
    • Built-in 0.5 - 38 Ohm source impedance, selectable in 0.1 Ohm steps 
    • Pulse duration up to 1,200ms
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    • Rentals Ship Immediately
    • Includes Laptop and AutoStar Software
    • Add Battery Simulator for Voltage Drops
    • Add Coupling Clamp for data line testin
    • Compliant to ISO 7637-2/3 Pulses
    • Can be Rented with or without Battery Simulator 
    • ISO 17025 Calibration Available
    • 2 Days Free Transit Time
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    • 4-Quadrant – Can source and sink current
    • ±80V – DC supply for 12V to 48V systems; meets 80V surge requirements
    • 300 kHz Sine – DC ripple tests for all major standards
    • 3µS Rise Time – Exceeds surge and dropout slew rate requirements
    • 3mΩ DC Source Impedance – Out-performs ISO 7637-2 requirements
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    • Plug-in modules for JASO D001-94
    • For many classic Japanese immunity tests
    • Cost-effective addition to the NSG 5500 automotive transient generator
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items