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The EMC Shop is an ISO 17025 accredited company. Rent, buy or lease EV/Automotive Manufacturer/OEM Specific Testers for components and subassembly testing immediately.

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    • Ford EMC-CS-2009.1 CI 220, CI 260 and RI 130
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    • Sophisticated and Easy to Use GUI
    • User-defined programming of most standard waveforms
    • Control all 3ctest automotive conducted immunity test equipment
    • Program multi-channel waveforms
    • Custom waveform generation
    • Test sequencing and scheduling, one key remote control
    • Easy Test Reporting
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    • Meet the tests as per ISO16750 (corresponding individual manufacturer standard)
    • Every oscillation channel has waveform arithmetic circuitry to output waveform with high resolution and accuracy
    • By software control with Ethernet, represent kinds of variation phenomenon easily and really.
    • Ensure the synchronization deviation among channels to be less than 1μs
    • Waveform data (CSV) received from oscilloscope can be output with high accuracy.


    • Automotive
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    • Dual-Processor-Technology, 500kS/s sample rate
    • 4-channel arbitrary generator
    • 2-channel transient recorder
    • Simultaneous recording/generation
    • Library of standard test routines
    • Pseudo-random function
    • 60GB built-in hard disk
    • Multiple interfaces
    • Software for Windows Vista & Windows 7
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items