CE Mark Testing

Seeking approval to add that CE Mark to your electrical product or component can be a daunting task. The EMC Shop is here to help you precertify your equipment in a time and cost effective manner. This section provides turn-key test equipment solutions to help you meet or pre-certify to the CE Mark.

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  • Conducted Immunity

    Verifying your products vulnerability to unexpected electrical transients was once a tedious task and often overlooked. Manufacturers sending their DUT's to test labs only to be sent back not conforming. With pre-programmed scripts for most commercial and military standards, many firms are bringing the capability in house, allowing engineers to hook up and auto run the test to meet IEC, Mil-Std, ISO, CE marking and more.

    Rent buy or lease conducted immunity test equipment for pre-compliance and certification. The EMC Shop specialies in RF, electrical transient and other electromagnetic compliance test standards.

  • Conducted Emissions

    Commercial and industrial conducted emissions are performed to verify potentical harmful leakage between 150kHz and 30 MHz. Aerospace and miltary standards extend the frequnecy requirements to 9 kHz and up to 400 MHz in some cases. For sophisticated designs a dedicated EMI/EMC analyzer or a high end spectrum analyzer to identify low noise issues. Standard low cost spectrum analyzers can be used for simple verficiation checks. 

  • Radiated Immunity

    Radiated immunity has several sub methods of testing depending on the standard and type of DUT. Most common standards used include IEC/EN 61000-4-3, MIL-STD 461 RS101/03/05, SAE J113/4, ISO 11451-2, ISO 11452-4/5 and CISPR 20. The EMC Shop provides turn key systems to meet most any radiated immunity standards as well as stand alone radiated immunity test equipment.

  • Radiated Emissions

    Radiated emissions measurements are required for CISPR 11, 14, 22, Mil-STD 461 RE 101/02/03 and many other compliance standards. The EMC Shop supplies turn key solutions for precompliance evaluation or stand alone equipment such as antennas, measurement receivers/spectrum analyzers and LISN's. Submit a quote request from any product page to request more information on available radiated emissions test equipment.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items