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Antenna Systems

The limits shown in tables 10 and 11 are listed in dB(mV/m), and thus theoretically any antenna can be used, provided that it has adequate sensitivity, the antenna correction factor is applied, and the antenna provides a 50 W match to the measuring receiver. For the purposes of this standard, the limits shown in tables 10 and 11 are based upon the following antennas:

  1. 0,15 to 30 MHz 1 m vertical monopole (where this is not 50 W, a suitable antenna matching unit shall be used);
  2. 30 to 200 MHz a biconical antenna used in vertical and horizontal polarization;
  3. 200 to 1000 MHz a log-periodic antenna used in horizontal and vertical polarization.

Commercially available antennas with known antenna correction factors (see 3.4) may be used.
The cable loss factor can be determined in accordance with CISPR 12, annex A.

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