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Montena Turn Key Solution for MIL-STD-461 CS114, CS115, CS116 EMC Compliance


  • Single generator output for CS114, CS115 and CS116 tests allowing remote test automation
  • Automatic calibration for each test and for the full test frequency range
  • Automatic configuration of the measurement equipment settings
  • Built-in scroll-down menus for selecting test equipment and components
  • Test and calibration reports automatically generated

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Test Equipment Description

MIL-STD-461 CS106, CS114, CS115, CS116

CS106 is applicable to submarine and surface ship equipment and subsystem AC and DC input power leads. The generator delivers a transient pulse in the microsecond range, with repetition up to 15 pulses per second.

CS114 is a swept bulk cable injection which simulates currents that will be developed on platform cabling from electromagnetic fields generated by antenna transmissions.

CS115 uses a fast trapezoidal pulse to excite natural resonances associated with cables. The basic concern is to protect equipment from fast rise and fall time transients that may be present due to platform switching operations and external transient environments such as lightning and electromagnetic pulses.

CS116 defines damped sinusoid transients at several fixed frequencies to simulate electrical current and voltage waveforms occurring in platforms from excitation of natural resonances.

Montena has developed a software controlled test bench covering all these test requirements. Thanks to a high frequency switching module, the calibration and measurement phases can be performed without changing any cabling of the test system. Montena proposes up to 17 frequencies for the CS116 test, enhancing the frequency coverage and test results.

Request a quote or call The EMC Shop for desired MIL-STD-461 applications and let us put together a comprehensive all-in-one package. Equipment incorporated are as follows:

Signal injection Pulse generator PG-CS106 400V peak, 1.5 µs rise time, transient for CS106
Pulse generator (module) M-CS106 400V peak, 1.5 µs rise time, transient for CS106
Active injection probe IC10M 100 A, for CS106, to be used with PG-CS106 or M-CS106
Power amplifier PA400M70W 70 W, 10 kHz - 250 MHz, for CS114
Pulse generator for CS115 and CS116 POG-CS116+
Pulse generator with 6, 9, 17 frequencies for CS116 and module for CS115
High frequency injection probe IPDR250 10 kHz to 400 MHz, for CS114, 115 and 116
Test accessories Coaxial dummy load PCL1G-400 50 Ω load for system calibration
Attenuators PATP20-100, PATP40-100 20 and 40 dB attenuators for system calibration
LISN LISN50-25 Line impedance stabilization network, 50 µH, 20 A
Measurement equipment Current / voltage sensor   Set of current and voltage probes
Oscilloscope OD2C600M 600 MHz bandwidth, 10 Gs/s, 2 channels
Software   Automatic calibration, configuration, test and report

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