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The Game

Where's Walton EMC SIPI

The Instructions

Find the answers online and write them on the back of your business card. Find and give them to Derek Walton.


  1. Business Card w/ Contact Details
  2. Power handling of our 18 to 40 GHz Horn Antenna
  3. What movie do we often reference in our How-To-Videos?
  4. Voltage and Current Rating of the TIS 700
  5. Who awarded ESDguns a big contract in 2016?
  6. Find Derek between 12 and 12:30 PM on the Trade Show Floor

The Prizes

  • Every submission wins
  • Every submission with 100% correct answers entered into raffle
  • Three raffle winners will get:
  • UAV Drone ($600 Value)
  • Flatscreen TV ($600 Value)
  • Weekend Vacation for 2 ($2,500 Value)
  • Bonus Prize - find my signature on the lamp shades at Pat O'Briens and email a picture to


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