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RF/Radiated Immunity Testing

Notice: This information is a brief, elementary overview for someone looking to perform precompliance RF/radiated testing in an effort to pass EN/IEC 61000-4-4. For step by step test procedures you will need to purchase the test standard for detailed instruction.


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What is RF/Radiated Immunity Testing

Testing RF/radiated immunity is commonly done in a controlled environment, with the goal of passing a compliance standard. However, with 5G, IOT, and the overall increasing use of many wireless bands, radiated immunity tests could be performed in other scenarios to assess the reaction of infrastructure. Typically, test levels from a standard should ensure proper operation of your product and other electronics around.


Test Equipment Setup & Configuration

RF Radiated Immunity Test Setup and Equipment - EMC

Test Procedure

  • the size of the EUT
  • representative operating conditions of the EUT
  • whether the EUT shall be tested as table-top or floor-standing, or a combination of the two
  • for floor-standing equipment, the height of the support
  • the type of test facility to be used and the position of the radiating antennas
  • the type of antennas to be used
  • the frequency range, dwell time and frequency steps
  • the size, shape and height of the uniform field area
  • whether any partial illumination is usedthe test level and modulation to be applied
  • the type(s) and number of interconnecting wires used and the interface port (of the EUT) to which these are to be connected
  • the performance criteria which are acceptable
  • a description of the method used to exercise the EUT.

Is Radiated Immunity Testing Safe?

Generating electromagnetic radiation is the most hazardous test method in the EMC/EMI world. Utilizing unreliable equipment, RF enclosure or bad testing practices can increase the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields, AKA radiation. So be safe, smart and patient. :P

Radiated Immunity Test Standards

  • In-situ EMC
  • Site Validation (Cell towers, Railway, etc)
  • RF Interference Identification
  • Environmental Surveying

Video - RF/Radiated Immunity Test Setup with GTEM

RF/Radiated Immunity Testing Equipment: