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3ctest SGN 3483T Three-Phase Coupling/Decoupling Network View larger

3ctest SGN 3483T Three-Phase Coupling/Decoupling Network


  • Decoupling pulse voltage up to 20kV
  • Decoupling impulse current 10kA
  • Decoupling lightening voltage wave of long tail
  • Decoupling pulse width up to 300μs
  • Decoupling lightening surge waveform: voltage wave 4/300μs
  • Voltage wave 10/200μs
  • Combination wave 1.2/50μs,8/20μs
  • Combination wave 10/700μs,5/320μs


  • IEC 61000-4-5
  • IEC 61010-1
  • GB/T 3483
  • EN 61000-4-5

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Test Equipment Description

3ctest SGN 3483T is designed to conduct surge test of combination wave. It is used to isolate surge signal. When using normal three-phase mains network, voltage wave tail attenuates too fast, which cannot meet the requirements in standards. Performance of this network can meet GB/T3483. It is featured with stable performance, powerful load capacity during coupling/decoupling test for 4/300μs and 10/200μs voltage wave. It can be equipped with SG-5020G surge test system to prevent damage by surge signal.

Technical Parameters
Lightening surge testCommon mode coupling9uF(+10Ω)
Deferential mode coupling18uF
Injection surge voltage< 20kV
Injection surge current< 10kA(8/20μs)
Impulse current testCoupling modeGap couplingVoltage test more than 3KV
Capacitance couplingVoltage test less than 3KV
Injection surge voltage1kV-20kV
Injection surge current< 20kA(8/20μs)
Decoupling inductance20mH
Network load mainsThree-phase five-wire AC380V 50Hz, DC220V
Max. Load current16A
Mains switch modeSwitch manually
Coupling superimposition modeManual
Over load current for short time1.1 times  time≤1 minute
General Parameters
Working power supply rangeAC 110V/220V(±10%),50/60Hz(AC 220V 50Hz for China mainland)
Size19’’/22U (600x800x1250mm)
WeightApprox 150kg
Humidity range45%-75%
Air pressure range86kPa-106kPa
Basic Accessories
Network, user manual, test report, test cable

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