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Marconi 2024 9 kHz to 2.4 GHz Signal Generator for AM, FM, Amplitude, Phase, Pulse, FSK Modulation


  • 9 kHz to 2.4 GHz Frequency Range
  • Linear and Logarithmic Sweep Mode
  • RS232 & GPIB Control
  • Small footprint for bench or rack use
  • Reverse Power Protected to 50 W
  • 1 Hz Resolution
  • -140 to +13 dBm Peak RF output level with 0.1 dB Resolution
  • AM, FM, Amplitude, Phase, Pulse, FSK Modulation
  • 3.9 kHz Bessel filtered FSK
  • Sine, Triangular and Square Two-Tone Modulation Source

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Frequency Range 9 kHz to 2.4 GHz
RF Connector Type N
Impedance 50 Ohms

Test Equipment Description

The Marconi 2024 Signal generator covers the frequency range 9 kHz to 2.4 GHz. The RF output can be amplitude, frequency, phase or pulse modulated. An internal synthesized programmable AF source is capable of generating single or simultaneous two tone modulation. GPIB and RS232 are included as standard to enable remote control of all functions except the supply switch.

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