Four Quadrant, Bipolar Power Supplies


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Four quadrant, bipolar power supplies are used for military and aerospace testing, power grid simulation, photovoltaic (PV) cell characterization, and battery simulation for vehicles and more. Integrated waveform generates and software options allow for custom test simulations as well as preprogrammed test sequences to international test standards such as ISO 16750-2.

The EMC Shop stocks calibrated four quadrant, bipolar power supplies and builds custom solutions to fit the customer product specifications and test requirements. Software is included and custom test sequences will be generated by The EMC Shop staff prior to shipment.

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Systems including four quadrant power supplies are offered with the ancillary equipment called out in specific test setups. Supplying the test diagram ensures the correct solution is provided. It is also to important to distinguish what tests are required vs what tests would be nice to accomplish but not essential.

Diagram Four Quadrant, Bipolar Power Supplies

Four Quadrant, Bipolar Power Supply Diagram

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