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EMC Week - Nov. 7 - 11, 2022 - Boulder City, NV


  • 5 Full Days Of In Depth Seminar
  • Attendee product example and DUT evaluations
  • New topics:
    • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Circuits and Systems
    • Integrated Circuit Noise Measurement
    • Scope Probe Measurements

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Spend a week learning EMC design and test from “The EMC Century Plus Team” at the historic Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City, NV (near Las Vegas)! Learn from four of the top EMC trainers in the business! Doug Smith specializes in high frequency measurements, EMC, and ESD and his presentation is loaded with live demos. Kenneth Wyatt specializes in EMI troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing and will describe how to assemble a low-cost EMI troubleshooting kit. Derek Walton owns a compliance test lab and specializes in EMC standards and test. Dan Beeker is a Technical Director with NXP and will discuss proper PC board design for EMC compliance. Panel discussion Friday afternoon with FREE confidential consultation sessions afterwards. Select vendor/exhibitors will attend.

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  • Day 1 with Doug Smith:
    • System level ESD/EMI, newly developed troubleshooting techniques for ESD and circuit systems. Predicting long-term reliability of field issued and test lab problems, extensions to testing, cable discharge and ESD troubleshooting.
  • Day 2 (AM) with Derek Walton:
    • IC noise measurement, resonant frequency of physical structures, cell phone induces problems, analog design (RF and EMC issues), Common EMC test lab errors (trust, but verify).
  • Day 2 (PM) with Derek Walton:
    • Indoor versus outdoor test facilities
    • Choosing appropriate standards
    • Preparation for successful testing
    • Radiated and conducted emissions & immunity testing
    • Avoid Data misinterpretations
    • Verifying propwer test methods
    • Test Documentation
  • Day 3 with Dan Beeker "PC Board Design for EMC Compliance":
    • The physics of EM Waves
    • Easy methods of reducing EMI in PC boards
    • Proper layer stack-ups to minimize EMI
    • Design your boards right the first time!
  • Day 4 with Ken Wyatt "EMI Troubleshooting & Pre-Compliance Testing at Your Facility"
    • Basic EMC Design for product compliance
    • A simple, low-cost, EMC troubleshooting kit you can assemble
    • Troubleshooting and testing for emissions
    • Troubleshooting and testing for immunity
    • Case studies and demos
    • Includes autographed "EMC Troubleshooting Trilogy" book set
  • Day 5 Panel Discussion and attendee specific product evaluation and consultations


“I have attended the entire suite of Doug's high frequency measurement classes and highly recommend them to anyone involved in troubleshooting signal integrity and EMC issues. There isn't a wasted minute in class. Each concept Doug teaches you can be put to use immediately. No fancy math needed...just down to earth, practical, hands-on approaches to solving problems. Doug classes are truly one-of-a-kind.”

Don MacArthur

“Doug is a wealth of information and very generous with his knowledge. His seminars are excellent, very engaging and relevent - great connection to the audience. Over the years I have asked for his help with various problems and have really appreciated his help.”

James Dull , Technician , Static Tek Inc

“Doug is one of the most talented engineers that I have had the pleasure to work with over many years. His engineering knowledge is extremely broad and surprisingly deep. Most engineers know a little about a number of subject areas. Doug on the other hand has the depth on almost any subject matter. Aside from being technically brilliant, Doug is also wonderful to work with. He was well liked by his team as well as others in the larger organization. With some luck, I will have the opportunity to work with Doug again.”

Russell Lait , VP Operations , Auspex managed Doug at Auspex Systems, Inc

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