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3ctest S6/S10/S20 Series Compact Impulse Current Simulator (Up to 40kA) View larger

3ctest S6/S10/S20 Series Compact Impulse Current Simulator (Up to 40kA)


  • Single chip or PLC programmable controller with good reliability and intelligent control
  • Integrate design for easy and safety system
  • Color touch screen operation to monitor test operation
  • Constant current charging, stable and accurate charging, stable output
  • Flexible test setup for requirements of different tests
  • External CDN
  • Internal high-accuracy Roosevelt coil for data acquisition and panel output


  • Avionics
  • Broadcast
  • Communication
  • New energy
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Railway
  • Technology
  • Telecom

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Test Equipment Description

The 3ctest S6/S10/S20 Series is based on the third generation of intelligent multi-function comprehensive simulator. Set the test requirements on the parameter page and all the test procedure can be done automatically with the advantages of integrated system, intelligent control, easy-operation and time-saving. It fully meet the requirements of IEC 61643-1, GB18802.1, UL1449, YD-T1235[1].2 and TB/T 3074 surge standards for MOV, TVS and GDT surge protection device test and for mains surge protection test or scientific research.

As per

  • IEC 61643-1
  • GB18802.1
  • UL1449
  • YD-T1235[1].2
  • TB/T 3074
Technical Parameters
Model S6 S10 S20
Output waveform 8/20μs(other waveform please see attached table)
Front time T1 8μs±10%
Wave tail time T2 20μs±10%
Current peak Ip 100A,1200A,6kA,10kA 10kA,15kA,20kA 20kA,30kA,40kA
Current output range 10%-100% 1kA~100% 1kA~100%
Equivalent output impedance 50Ω,5Ω,1Ω,0.5Ω 1Ω,0.75Ω,0.5Ω 1Ω,0.75Ω,0.5Ω
Charging voltage Up to 6kV Up to 10kV Up to 20kV
Internal grade energy I grade III grade, automatic switch III grade, manual switch
Voltage polarity +/- (automatic switch)
Impulse interval 10s~999s
Number of continuous impulse 1~99
Charging voltage instability Less than 1%
Trigger mode Automatic or manual, single trigger available
Trigger malfunction rate Less than 1%
Trigger range 100% rated charging voltage
Measurement display resolution Better than 3%
Insulation strength ≤500V RMS(common port COMMON to ground reference PE)
General Data
Power supply AC220V±10%,50/60Hz,10A
Temperature -10-+40°
Humidity 35%-85%RH(no condensation)
Ground resistance No more than 0.5Ω
Dimension 19 inch 6U 19 inch 22U 19 inch 35U
Weight Approx. 35kg Approx. 120kg Approx. 200kg
No conductive dust, no fire or explosion danger, no corrosive metal and insulation air. Waveform of mains voltage is sine wave. The THD is <5%

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