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Schloder CDG 6000-75-DC 100 kHz - 300 MHz Conducted Disturbance Test Generator View larger

Schloder CDG 6000-75-DC 100 kHz - 300 MHz Conducted Disturbance Test Generator


  • 100 kHz - 300 MHz Frequency Range
  • 75 W Power
  • Computer-based system (controlled by USB)
  • Self-calibration of the test system (generator and CDN)
  • RF-generator, amplifier and RF-voltmeter may as well be used as stand-alone devices
  • Connections: EUT “Fail”, EUT monitoring by external multimeter, e.g. DUT signal
  • Calibration of coupling / decoupling devices and EM clamp is performed automatically
  • Extensive additions like attenuators, calibration kits, etc. deliverable
  • Directional Coupler ( DC )

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Test Equipment Description

Conducted Disturbance Test Generator acc. to IEC / EN 61000-4-6:2014

The generator CDG 6000 is a compact generator for generation high-frequency sinusoidal interference according to IEC / EN 61000-4-6. Radiated disturbances which acting on a system, generally have a longer wavelenght than the edge-lenght of a single system component. Nevertheless, it always comes back to influences by couplings in supply and signal lines. With the help of coupling networks or coupling clamps these disturbances are injected directly into supply or signal lines.

The test generator generates interferences as defined in IEC / EN 61000-4-6 - Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields. The standard described a test setup, in which can influence these high-frequency interferences without a complicated structure with antennas, field instrumentation and shielded rooms on a EUT. Via coupling networks and coupling clamp's sine waves are induced directly into power and signal lines. The EUT keeps its usual place in the installation; the complete unit can be tested in its function.

Performance feature

  • Compact Generator
    All neccessary components are integreated - signal generator, power amplifier, RF millivoltmeter and a directional coupler to measure forward and reverse power of the output signal. The control of the generator and the documentation of the test sequences accepts a convenient and comprehensive software control. She is included.
  • Modular Design
    The unit