Truncated Pyramidal Microwave Absorber

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DMC DM-TD-300 Truncated Foam Absorber, 600 x 600 x 300mm


  • Power handling capacity 1.5 kW/m2
  • Oxygen index ≥ 29% (GB/T2406-93), which belongs to Flame retardant B2 level(GB8624-1997).
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Size: 600x600x300mm

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Test Equipment Description

DMC Truncated series foam based absorbers are widely used for EMC Anechoic chamber. It gives same performance in low frequency as the pyramid absorber. The advantages of DMC Truncated absorbers are to provide larger working space inside the chamber, stronger resistance capability against mechanical damage and eliminating drooping of tips.

DMC Truncated Foam Absorber Features

  • Oxygen index ≥ 29% (GB/T2406-93), which belongs to flame retardant B2 level (GB8624-1997).
  • It has excellent environmental performance. The raw material meet the environmental requirements like no volatility, no smell, non-toxic.
  • It supports various installation methods. Common installations are done by fastners installation or Velcro installation, which is useful for relocation of chamber by easy uninstallation process of absorbers. It can also be directly pasted with an environmental protective adhesive.
  • With matching design and installing with ferrite tiles, it can give a better broadband performance from 30 MHz- 18GHz (upto 40 GHz).
  • It has great performance in lower frequncy and slightly declined performance in the higher frequency range. For microwave chamber with higher frequncy applications, it’s advised to use pyramidal microwave absorbers with tips.
  • Various customised sizes and colors are available
  • Power handling capacity 1.5 kW/m2
  • Relative humidity : 55% ± 15%
  • Working Temp : 90 Degrees Celsius

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