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Schwarzbeck CDN M4 32A 1000V Coupling Decoupling Network


  • 0.15...230 MHz
  • 4 mm Safety Banana Sockets
  • 32 A Max. Current Rating
  • 500 VAC 1000 VDC Input Voltage EUT

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Test Equipment Description

The CDN M4 32A 1000V is a part of the coupling decoupling network series for conducted common mode immunity testing according to IEC 61000-4-6. The CDN M4 32A 1000V complies to IEC 61000-4-6 Annex D.2 and is suitable for immunity testing on unscreened a.c. and d.c. power supply lines (mains lines) with extended voltage rating up to 1000V.

The CDN M4 32A 1000V is intended to inject common mode disturbance signals to power supply or mains lines (unscreened) in the frequency range from 150 kHz to 230 MHz. It can be used for DC voltages up to 1000 V (AC: 500 V) The circuitry schematics is shown in Fig. 5.

All CDNs comply to the requirements of IEC 61000-4-6. Each CDN comes with individually measured data and a calibration certificate for the common mode impedance and the voltage division factor. Further typical data can be found in fig. 3 and fig. 4.

A variety of calibration adapters and other accessories are available as options.

Important Note:
The optional shorting adapters must not be used if the CDN is connected to mains!

The capacitors at the AE-side are equipped with 2 MΩ discharging resistors.

The connection to ground can be accomplished using the ground plane of the CDN. Additionally there is a M4 thread located at the AE side to ground as well as a 4 mm socket to connect the device to ground. The CDN is equipped with 4 mounting notches of 6 mm width at the baseplate.

Corresponding terminals are always located in opposite position and can be recognized by the terminal color. They can be used for any phase.

To improve the operational safety the mains voltage-carrying connections are carried out as security sockets. We recommend to use special 4 mm security plugs if you plan to design your own adapters. Those connectors can be purchased optionally.

Fig. 1: typ. EuT common mode Impedance
Fig. 2: typ. phase EuT-Port, (common mode)
Fig. 1: typ. EuT common mode impedanceFig. 2: typ. phase EuT-Port, (common mode), informative
Fig. 3: typ. voltage division factor RF-port to EuT-port
Fig. 4: typ. isolation AE to RF-port
Fig. 3: typ. voltage division factor RF-port to EuT-portFig. 4: typ. Isolation between AE and RF-Port, informative

Fig. 5: Principal Circuitry CDN M4 32A 1000V
Fig. 5: Principal Circuitry CDN M4 32A 1000V

Frequency range0.15 … 230 MHz
Common mode impedance150 kHz – 24 MHz: 150 Ω ±20 Ω
24 MHz – 80 MHz: 150 Ω +60 Ω/-45 Ω
80 MHz – 230 MHz: 150 Ω ±60 Ω
Max. RF-test voltage (emf)≤30 V
RF-input-connector50 Ω BNC (female)
Voltage division factor RF-input – EuT-por10 dB 150 kHz – 80 MHz: ±1 dB 80 MHz – 230 MHz: +3 dB / - 2 dB
Input voltage EuT (AE): Line to ground / line to line500 VAC / 1000 VAC
1000 VDC / 2000 VDC
Current max32 A (30 min. alternate)
Housing materialAluminium
Housing dimensions120 x 105 x 305 mm
Weightca. 2590 g
EuT, AE connectors4 mm safety banana female
Included accessoriesCA 4/4
3 Pin shorting bar(2 units included by default)
Optional accessories
30 mm distance adapter
50 Ω to 150 Ω adapter

SR 30/4
SR 100-6W

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