MIL-STD-461 RE101

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RE101 Purpose

Radiated Emissions, magnetic field

This requirement is applicable from 30 Hz to 100 kHz for radiated emissions from equipment and subsystem enclosures, including electrical cable interfaces. The requirement does not apply to radiation from antennas.

This test procedure is used to verify that the magnetic field emissions from the EUT and its associated electrical interfaces do not exceed specified requirements.

Test Equipment

The test equipment shall be as follows:

a. Measurement receivers

b. Data recording device

c. Loop sensor having the following specifications:

(1) Diameter: 13.3 cm

(2) Number of turns: 36

(3) Wire: DC resistance between 5 and 10 ohms

(4) Shielding: Electrostatic

(5) Correction factor: See manufacturer’s data for factors to convert measurement receiver readings to decibels above one picotesla (dBpT).

d. LISNs e. Ohmmeter

f. Signal generator

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