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Electrical and magnetic disturbances are best identified using an EMC receiver/EMI analyzer with built in quasi peak detectors, noise floor extension and software features to identify electromagnetic events that can occur in speeds not managed well by most spectrum analyzers.

The EMC Shop specializes in radiated and conducted emissions testing. For CISPR or MIL complaint EMC receivers, or precompliance EMI spectrum analyzers, The EMC Shop stocks the right EMC analyzer for your testing needs. For precompliance testing, evaluation or troubleshooting, a standard spectrum analyzer doesn't always get the job done.

Differences between Pre-Compliant and Compliant

A fully compliant EMI test receiver requires band pass filters and other RF components built into the analyzer to allow for full and accurate spectrum analysis as it sweeps to identify emission peaks while measuring.

A precompliant EMI receiver is a basic spectrum analyzer with software that provides basic data on an initial sweep, but typically requires a more narrow band, focused search to better identify the problem areas. Most of our customers use precompliant ananlyzers to measure and troubleshoot. However, there are occassions where you may not be able to identify the same problem areas your test lab did with a fully compliant EMI receiver.

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