RF Power Line CDN's

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The EMC Shop stocks power line coupling decoupling networks for RF conducted immunity testing. The distubance signals are coupled to each conductor in the supply lines according to EN IEC 61000-4-6 standard. The standard M series CDNs have a current rating of 25 Amps. CDNs are available for power supplies from 1 to 5 conductors.

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RF Power Line CDN's

  • M1 for one line
  • M2 for two lines
  • M2/3 switchable for two or three lines
  • M3 for three lines
  • M4 for lines and
  • M5 for five lines "-10 types" for frequency range 10 kHz to 80 MHz
  • "-3L and -3LN types" for connections without PE "-750V, -760V
  • -1000V types" for higher EUT voltages
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