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Bulk Current Injection Test Equipment

Bulk current injection testing is an efficient manner to inject disturbances along power and data lines up to 1 GHz. Common bandwidths range from 10kHz to 400 MHz, where the ~80 MHz range and higher acts as a good alternative to radiated immunity testing requiring high power RF amplifiers.


The EMC Shop offers custom solutions tailored to your DUT and test parameters. Software is included and specific test sequences will be generated by The EMC Shop staff prior to shipment. Most bulk current injection test equipment is in stock and calibrated, available to ship whether rented or purchased, saving users months of lead time.


Pulse generators are supplied with the ancillary equipment called out in specific test setups. Supplying the test diagram ensures the correct solution is provided. It is also to important to distinguish what tests are required vs what tests would be nice to accomplish but not essential.

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Rent or buy equipment to setup a bulk current injection test to IEC, MIL, ISO, DO-160 and other standards.

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