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Power Fail Simulators

The EMC Shop stocks a wide selection of Power Fail Simulation (micro-interruptions) for Automotive and Commercial EMC testing. Rent or buy power fail simulators for individual tests or multifunction generators to complete an assortment of tests in a compact solution. Most systems can be easily upgraded to include additional tests as required.

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Power Fail Simulation EMC test generators are typically benchtop, but heavy equipment. When doing testing on three phase power lines systems usually require much larger coupling/decoupling networks which substantially increase system size. EM test environments with ground planes with connections to earth are required to safely use transient generators.

Common Power Fail Simulators EMC Compliance Tests

  • BMW GS 95003-2
  • BMW GS 95024-2-1
  • Chrysler CS-11809 (2009)
  • Chrysler CS-11979
  • Chrysler PF-9326
  • Cummins 14269 (982022-026)
  • DaimlerChrysler DC-10615
  • DaimlerChrysler DC-10842
  • DaimlerChrysler PF-10541

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