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What's the rental process?

We aspire to perform like a small company some have heard of...

Amazon, order that puppy online, get it tomorrow! We don't have an army of trucks an planes yet, but we do pretty good. That's why we are the highest rated test equipment rental company online.


  1. Specify Shipping Speed

    The website allows for overnight shipping, ground, freight and Uber to the Bay Area.

  2. Add to Cart and Checkout

    There are many ways to get you equipment immediately to allow for testing.

  3. Technical Review

    The EMC Shop personnel reviews the equipment and applications. We may contact you to ensure you receive everything needed to perform testing.

  4. Returning the Spectrum Analyzer

    Hopefully you noticed the big loud label on the box saying "RETURN FOR RETURN SHIPMENT". That's a pretty fancy and espenzive device we don't want to see get broken by the careless UPS or FedEx driver. If you decided to keep the equipment longer than expected (32 Day Initial Rental Period, Pro-rated Daily), and that box has been lost. Take careful measures to pack the equipment to return it safely!!!

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Who is The EMC Shop?

The EMC Shop has built a large inventory of RF spectrum analyzers for use of radiated emissions testing and compliance. Organically we grew into the market of RF spectrum analyzers rentals and sales. Many of our customers recommend colleagues our spectrum analyzers for signal sniffing, communications, R&D and general purpose radio frequency testing.

As of 2024, we are stocking units from Keysight, R&S, Tektronix, Signalhound, Aaronia, TTi, Anritsu, Siglent and Rigol; units are configured for virtually any type of RF testing up to 85 GHz.

Why do people rent specrum analyzers?

Learn more about test equipment rentals.

Oh, Em, Gee, the new Keysight spec an's look freaking amazing. Oh, two hundred thousand dollars? Damn...

Many of our customers can be in the middle, justifying a rental to try new technology and justify a purchase. At some companies, it can take an act of god to get a capital acquisition approved. Cash flow is important, and writing off a rental expense can be a lot easier when it comes time to report to Uncle Sam. Other customers will rent for short term projects or to keep up with a surge in workload, among other reasons.

Eat your heart out ChatGPT.

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