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ISO 7637-3

ISO 7637-3 is the same test as ISO 7637-2 but applied to data lines instead of power lines. The test pulses simulate both fast and slow transient disturbances caused by the switching of inductive loads and relay contact bounce. The EMC Shop stocks test equipment to evaluate your vehicle components according to ISO 7637-3. Rent or buy Test Pulse Generators for Electrical Transient Testing on Road Vehicles. 

For transient pulses immunity, Annex B provides recommended test severity levels in line with the functional performance status classification (FPSC) principle described in ISO 7637‑1.

ISO 7637-3 Test Methods

  • Capacitive coupling clamp (CCC) method
  • Direct capacitive coupling (DCC) method
  • Inductive coupling clamp (ICC) method


ISO 7637-3 CCC Test Setup

ISO 7637-3 CCC Capacitive Coupling Clamp Test Setup

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