Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Test Setup

Notice: This information is a brief, elementary version of the test setup for bulk current injection (BCI) testing. For step by step test procedures you will need to purchase the test standard for detailed instruction.

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Setting up for BCI Testing

There are test standards for seperate industries, test setup is the same for the most part, difference will be the test levels and frequency range required. A ground reference plane shall be provided on the floor of the laboratory. The EUT shall be connected to the grounding system and arranged and connected according to its installation specific cations. A distance of 1 m minimum shall be provided between the EUT and any metallic structure. The discharge return cable of the test generator shall be connected to the ground reference plane, and this connection shall be of low impedance.

In cases where the length of the cable exceeds the length necessary to apply the discharges to the selected points, the excess length shall be placed non-inductively off the ground reference plane and shall not come closer than 0.2 m to other conductive parts in the test set-up.

VIDEO - BCI Test Setup & Calibration

Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Test Equipment: