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    • Meet the tests as per ISO16750 (corresponding individual manufacturer standard)
    • Every oscillation channel has waveform arithmetic circuitry to output waveform with high resolution and accuracy
    • By software control with Ethernet, represent kinds of variation phenomenon easily and really.
    • Ensure the synchronization deviation among channels to be less than 1μs
    • Waveform data (CSV) received from oscilloscope can be output with high accuracy.


    • Automotive
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    • DC - 1000 MHz Frequency Range
    • 40 watts minimum
    • Type N Connectors
    • DCP, IEEE & RS-232 interfaces

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    • Operation via capacitive color touch display
    • Burst - frequency up to 125 kHz, pulse amplitude up to 5.0 kV
    • Modification of all parameters during the test possible
    • Single impulse to permanent burst, various special functions
    • Max. 5000 pulses / sec. and 500 pulses / packet
    • Time accurate triggering
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    • 200 MHz up to 20 GHz
    • Excellent sensitivity (with preamplifier) of < –161 dBm (1 Hz)
    • All-in-one analyzer: spectrum analyzer, network analyzer and CAT
    • Internal tracking generator, VSWR bridge, bias tee
    • Rugged, splash-proof housing for use in the field
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    • Raw Input Resolution: 1mV(1mV-15mV): 15mV (15mV-1500mV)
    • Thresholds: 1-10 Volts, 10-990 Volts Raw input: 1mV and 15 mV
    • ESD Counter Range: 0-32,767 counts (screen count)
    • Electromagnetic Field Peak Range: Min: .001 V/m Max: 20.00 V/M
    • Power Density Meter Peak: Min: .027 nW/cm2 Max: 106.1 uW/cm2
    • EIRP Meter Peak: Min: .001W Max:5333 W
    • Antenna Factor range: -40.0 to 40 dBm
    • Record interval range: 1 to 360 seconds
    • Record average range: .1 to 360 seconds
    • RF Signal Sensor Unit modes: dBuV, dBm, mV
    • RF Signal Sensor dynamic range: Min: -55 dBm  Max: 0 dBm
    • RF Signal Sensor Attenuation: 00 dB/20 dB
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    • 5G, OTA, Spurious Emissions Testing
    • 6 GHz to 67 GHz Broadband Frequency Range
    • 15 dBi Gain
    • 5 Watt Power Handling
    • Coaxial Connector Port = V-Type (1.85 mm)
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    • Test voltage up to 1000V for air discharge and contact discharge
    • Computer operation, test rate up to 7PCS/S
    • German fast high power semi-conductor discharging switch 
    • Identify DUT polarity automatically
    • Internal temperature sensor
    • Self-detection
    • Internal DUT box and test clamps


    • IEC 61643-1
    • IEC 61051-1
    • YD-T 940
    • GB/T 9043
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    • FPC1000 Low-Cost Spectrum Analyzer for Emissions Testing
      • Frequency range: 5 kHz to 1 GHz, Upgradable to 2 GHz or 3 GHz
      • Resolution bandwidth settings down to 1 Hz
      • 10.1" WXGA (1366 x 768 pixel) display
      • Wi-Fi-enabled w/ remote control (included)
      • Easy virtual control w/ iOS/Android/PC
      • Low noise floor / High max. input power
      • Receiver mode for EMI debugging on circuit boards, integrated circuits, cable shielding, etc.
    • Teseq ISN T8 Impedance Stabilization Network (ISN) for Unscreened Balanced Pairs
      • For use with one, two, three, or four unscreened balanced pairs
      • Refers schematic circuit example in CISPR 22/32 Figure D.3/G.3
      • Intended for connection to cable category 3 and 5
      • 1000BaseT and PoE application
      • Changeable pin-arrangements with RJ11 and RJ45
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