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Browse electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment by application and test type. The EMC Shop specializes in radiated and conducted immunity and emissions testing.

The EMC Shop stocks calibrated equipment for rental and purchase, often shipping the same day.

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  • Radiated Immunity


    Radiated immunity has several sub methods of testing depending on the standard and type of DUT. Most common standards used include IEC/EN 61000-4-3, MIL-STD 461 RS101/03/05, SAE J113/4, ISO 11451-2, ISO 11452-4/5 and CISPR 20. The EMC Shop stocks all the test equipment needed to meet most any radiated immunity standards.


    Application Overview - RF/Radiated Immunity Testing


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  • Bulk Current Injection Testing


    EMC/EMI Testing Services              Bulk Current Injection BCI Probes              RF Conducted Testing Services


    Bulk current injection testing is an efficient manner to inject disturbances along power and data lines up to 1 GHz. Common bandwidths range from 10kHz to 400 MHz, where the ~80 MHz range and higher acts as a good alternative to radiated immunity testing requiring high power RF amplifiers.

    The EMC Shop offers custom solutions tailored to your DUT and test parameters. Software is included and specific test sequences will be generated by The EMC Shop staff prior to shipment. Most bulk current injection test equipment is in stock and calibrated, available to ship whether rented or purchased, saving users months of lead time.

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    Pulse generators are supplied with the ancillary equipment called out in specific test setups. Supplying the test diagram ensures the correct solution is provided. It is also to important to distinguish what tests are required vs what tests would be nice to accomplish but not essential.

    Bulk Current Injection Testing Video

  • RF Emissions Testing

    The EMC Shops' Testing Division is a dynamic test lab with the knowledge and experience to perform an assortment of product evaluation and compliance. Collaborating with design engineers, an in depth analysis will lead to action items and product improvement.


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    "Great, The EMC Shop has helped us learn and evaluate wireless components we inherited, their people are knowledgeable and responsive. We made leaps in a matter of days." - Ramit S. Analog Devices


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  • Conducted Immunity


    EMC/EMI Testing Services                 Radiated Immunity Testing                 Emissions Testing (RF, RE, CE)


    Verifying your products vulnerability to unexpected electrical transients was once a tedious task and often overlooked. Manufacturers sending their DUT's to test labs only to be sent back not conforming. With pre-programmed scripts for most commercial and military standards, many firms are bringing the capability in house, allowing engineers to hook up and auto run the test to meet IEC, Mil-Std, ISO, CE marking and more.

    Rent buy or lease conducted immunity test equipment for pre-compliance and certification. The EMC Shop specialies in RF, electrical transient and other electromagnetic compliance test standards.

    Conducted Immunity Test Equipment:

    Conducted Immunity Test Standards:

  • Conducted Emissions


    Evaluate your DUTs line outputs (power and data) for compliance per FCC, UL, MIL-461, DO-160 and any other test standards. A conducted emissions test setup is done with a few pieces of equipment and can be accomplished quickly by novice engineers. Having an appropriate and properly grounded test setup ensures consistent and reliable measurements when evaluating your products conducted emissions. The EMC Shop is an ISO 17025 accredited company, stocking all the equipment to test conducted emissions.


    Application Overview - Conducted Emissions Testing


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    EMC Conducted Emissions Test Setup

    EMC Conducted Emissions Setup

  • Antenna Pattern Measurement


    EMC/EMI Antennas          Antenna Test Chambers          Antenna Testing            Positioning Equipment


    The EMC Shop specializes in antenna plotting systems and software in microwave frequencies. Rent, buy or lease antenna pattern measurement test equipment up to 50 GHz. Software included allows for radiation pattern, gain, phase, ploarization and impedance measurements.


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    Antenna Pattern Measurement Parameters

    Commercial Antennas

    • Gain
    • Bandwidth
    • 3D Radiation pattern
    • Beamwidth
    • Polarization
    • Impedance

    EMC/EMI Antennas

    • Antenna Factors
    • VSWR
    • Gain
    • Power Handling
    • 2D - Horizontal & Vertical

  • CE Mark Testing


    Seeking approval to add that CE Mark to your electrical product or component can be a daunting task. The EMC Shop stocks everything needed to setup a self certification CE Marking lab in house. New, used and rental options are availavle for CE marking test equipment. Purchasing everything with a shielded room or anechoic chamber can break the budget. The EMC Shop works with customers to acquire test equipment in stages, bringing the CE Marking lab up to speed based on test standards MOST needed initially.


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    CE Mark Testing Equipment


    CE Mark Testing Equipment

  • Intentional Radiator Testing

    Intentional radiating equipment are radio transmitting devices including cellular phones, wireless video sender, bluetooth and more. Electromagnetic compliance standards include ETSI 301 489, CTIA 3GPP, FCC Part 15 and more. The EMC Shop has expertise and knowledge to setup inhouse pre-compliant and fully compliant test systems and save manufacturers loads of time, money and energy.

  • Pulsed HIRF Radar

    Rent, buy or lease Pulsed HIRF Radar Test Equipment. The EMC Shop specializes in aircraft, automotive and military high power radiated field testing.

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing

    Over-the-air (OTA) testing is utilized evaluate DUT performance in the real-world. The EMC Shop has expertise in setting up test systems and software to perform in depth OTA test and analysis.

  • 5G Test Solutions

    Rent, buy or lease 5G Test Solutions for cellular and mobile phone testing. The EMC Shop specializes in turnkey test equipment and chamber installs.

  • Automotive EMC


    Rental Information          Automotive Transient Simulators          BCI Test Equipment            LISN's


    The EMC Shop stocks calibrated automotive emc test equipment for ISO 7637, ISO 11452, CISPR 25Ford FMC1278 and more. Rent or buy turnkey automotive EMC test solutions and begin testing immediately. For RF applications, absorber-lined shielded enclosures are available at competitive prices.

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    Automotive EMC Test Equipment Categories

    Diagram - Typical Pulse Genrator in Automotive EMC Test Standards

    RF Conducted Immunity - Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Method

    Radiated Immunity Using a Stripline

    Magnetic Immunity using Helmholtz Coil

    Immunity to Electrical Fast Transients

    Electrostatic Discharge Immunity

    CISPR 25 Radiated Emissions

    Automotive EMC Testing Overview

    Testing for electrical, radiated and magnetic intererence in automobiles is a growing need as the industry moves towards "Smart Cars". Domestic and foreign manufacturers will be looking for certified components to in an effort to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) in automobiles. In the past there have been concerns with "runaway" vehicles and other issues where interference was a key suspect forcing the manufacuturers to do recalls.

  • SAR Measurement Equipment

    The EMC Shop attempts to stock a SAR testing system for immediate acquisition at any time. Evaluate your product and comply to FCC RF requirements. Rent, buy or lease SAR Measurement Equipment and begin near field specific absorption rate testing, scanning and measuring.

    SAR Test Equipment For:

    • EN 50361 – Basic Standard for the measurement of Specific Absorption Rate related to human exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Mobile Phones (300MHz – 3GHz)
    • EN 62311 – Assessment of electron and electrical equipment related to human exposure restrictions for Electromagnetic fields (0Hz- 300GHz)Sar Test and Measurement Equipment and Systems
    • IEC 62209-1 – Human exposure to radio frequency fields from hand-held and body-mounted wireless communication devices – Human models, instrumentation and procedures. Part 1: Procedure to determine the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for hand-held devices used in close proximity to the ear (frequency range 300MHz- 3GHz)
    • EN 62209-2 – Human exposure to radio frequency fields from hand-held and body mounted wireless communication devices – Part 2: Procedure to determine the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for wireless communication devices used in close proximity to the human body (30MHz – 6GHz)
    • ACMA – Radio communications (Electromagnetic Radiation – Human Exposure) Standard 2003
    • ARIB STD-56 – Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) estimation for cellular phones (Japan, ARIB, Association of radio industries and businesses)
    • EN 50360 – Demonstrates the compliance of cellular phones with the basic restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields (300 MHz – 3 GHz)
    • EN 50364 – Limitation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields from devices operating in the frequency range 0 Hz to 10 GHz, used in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and similar applications
    • EN 50371 – Generic standard to demonstrate the compliance of low power electronic and electrical apparatus with the basic restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields (10 MHz – 300 GHz) – General public
    • EN 50385 – Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of radio base stations and fixed terminal stations for wireless telecommunication systems with the basic restrictions or the reference levels related to human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (110 MHz – 40 GHz) – General publicAs a Designated R&TTE CAB, which is a Notified Body, MET is authorized to review compliance in accordance with these standards as well as any other appropriate standards.
    • IEEE STD 1528 IEEE
    • FCC OET 65
    • IC RSS-102

  • Radiated Emissions


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    Radiated emissions measurements are required for CISPR 11, 14, 22, 25, Mil-STD 461 RE 101/02/03 and many other compliance standards. The EMC Shop supplies custom solutions for precompliance evaluation or stand alone equipment such as antennas, measurement receivers/spectrum analyzers and LISN's. Submit a quote request from any product page to request more information on available radiated emissions test equipment.

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    • 200 MHz up to 20 GHz
    • Excellent sensitivity (with preamplifier) of < –161 dBm (1 Hz)
    • All-in-one analyzer: spectrum analyzer, network analyzer and CAT
    • Internal tracking generator, VSWR bridge, bias tee
    • Rugged, splash-proof housing for use in the field
    In Stock
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    • 500 MHz bandwidth 
    • 2 analog channel models
    • Sample rates up to 5 GS/s real time on all channels
    • 10k record length on all channels
    • 3,600 wfms/s continuous waveform capture rate
    • Suite of advanced triggers
    In Stock
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    • Max EUT Size: (410 x 410 x 310mm) (16.14 x 16.14 x 12.20in.)
    • MAX EUT dimension for uniform-area: (167 x 167 x 167mm) (6.57 x 6.57 x 6.57in.)
    • Emissions and immunity testing in a single, shielded environment
    • Meets basic standard: IEC/EN 61000-4-20
    • Meets standards for emissions testing: CISPR 14-1, IEC 61000-6-3 and IEC 61000-6-4 for EUTs without connected cables
    • Meets standards for immunity testing: EN 60118-13
    • Ideal for design qualification and pre-certification
    In Stock
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    • Fast digital resolution bandwidths of 1 Hz to 3 MHz
    • Portable, MIL-PRF-28800, Class 3 rugged
    • Easily transfer screen image or trace data to PC with BenchLink software E4444A BenchLink software
    In Stock
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    • 9 kHz - 3 GHz
    • Automatic EMI measurements
    • High accuracy and response
    • Compatible with the BenchLink Web Remote software
    • Log sweep
    • 5 minute warm-up
    • Built-in preamplifier
    Typically In Stock
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    • Extremely low harmonic distortion - even under very non-linear load conditions
    • Very fast slew rate > 52V/μs (rise time < 5μs at 230Vrms as required by IEC/EN 61000-4-11)
    • Operates from DC up to 5kHz large signal bandwidth (-3dB) - optional up to 30kHz
    • Small signal bandwidth up to 50kHz or 100kHz
    • High long-term overload characteristic (up to 1-hour)
    • High short-term overload characteristic (for 5 … 10mins.)
    • Very high peak-load ability (up to 5ms)
    • Very low internal resistance
    In Stock
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    • Input voltage: 220V ± 10%
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Output voltage: continuously adjustable AC: 0-150V/0-300V
    • Output Current: continuously adjustable AC:0-16.8A/0-8.4A
    In Stock
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    • Flat frequency response
    • Coil sensors
    • Isotropic characteristic
    • Multi-point calibration
    • Modular, can be used with any NBM basic unit
    In Stock
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    • Frequency Range: 9 kHz- 2GHz
    • Noise Figure: 2.5 dB
    • Gain: +30 dB
    • Amplitude Flatness: +/- 3 dB
    In Stock
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    • Broadband Log-Periodic Antenna
    • Wide Frequency Range
    • Rugged Construction
    In Stock
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    • Frequency of 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz
    • Real Time Bandwidth : 25 MHz (40 MHz)
    • Tracking Generator Included
    • EMI Filter and Dectors
    In Stock
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