EN 60065

EN 60065: Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus - Safety requirements

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EN 60065 applies to electronic apparatus designed to be fed from the mains, from a supply apparatus, from batteries or from remote power feeding and intended for reception, generation, recording or reproduction of audio, video and associated signals. It also applies to apparatus designed to be used exclusively in combination with the above-mentioned apparatus. This standard primarily concerns apparatus intended for household and similar general use but which may also be used in places of public assembly such as schools, theatres, places of worship and the workplace professional apparatus intended for use as described above is also covered unless falling specifically within the scope of other standards.

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    • Surge voltage up to 10kV
    • Generator designed to comply with IEC 60065
    • Generator designed to comply with UL 6500
    • Interlock
    • Warning lamp control
    • Manual operation
    • USB (optical link) and GPIB interface
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