EMC Antennas

The quintessential element for all radiated EMC testing. Most antennas now have hgih power transmit and receive capabilites with very broadband frequency ranges. Allowing for many users to accomplish testing without having to interrrupt testing to convert to a higher or lower frequency antenna or setting up an intricate switching system. The EMC Shop stocks EMC antennas for rental, purchasing and immediate delivery.

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  • Antenna Sets & Kits

    Order EMC Antenna Sets & Kits. The EMC Shop is the only online store for electromagnetic compliance test equipment and accessories.

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  • Horn Antennas

    The most effective antenna for high power and gain applications, horn antennas have broadband coverage in a compact frame. Double ridge horn antennas will allow for full band coverage of the Mil-STD-461 standard. Standard gain horn antennas will provide high gain and power output, allowing engineers to use smaller power amplifiers to accomplish testing.

  • E-Field Generators

    Rent, buy or lease E-field Generator antennas. The EMC Shop specializes in radiated susceptibility and MIL-STD test and compliance

  • BiConiLogs

    Combining biconical antennas and log periodic antennas. BiConiLog antennas are a favorite in the EMC industry allowing for a broadband, high power, directional test.

  • Log Periodics

    Directional log periodic antennas are used for both injection RF and monitoring RF emissions during device evaluation and certification.

  • Biconicals

    Typical biconical antennas ("Bicon") are used for lower freuqency electromagentic interference (EMI) and emissions testing. Standard models of bicon antennas cover the frequency range 30 MHz to 300 MHz with custom models going lower into the 150 KHz range and other models covering up to 40 GHz. Rent EMC biconical antennas or entire radiated emissions and immunity test systems at The EMC Shop.

  • EMC Monopole Antennas

    Active or passive EMC monopole antennas are the most method used for low frequency EMC emissions and immunity tests for Military, FCC and other international standards testing.

  • Dipoles

    Typically used for radio and other telecommunciations transmissions. Dipole antennas are used in EMC, EMI, RFI testing to simulate environments such as clusters to determine the effects electronics will have.

  • Loop Antennas

    Low frequency loop antennas for EMC testing (1 kHz to 30 MHz typically) come in conbinations of active, passive and shielded models with and without built-in preamplifiers. Conduct emissions and immunity testing typical for military standards and more.

  • Comb Generators

    As an EMC testing lab, the accuracy of your results is key to your reputation. Maintaining this accuracy requires properly calibrated quality equipment. Comb generators are an important piece of EMC radiated emissions testing equipment - one that can save you time and money by reducing your reliance on full, annual recalibrations of your site and instrumentation.

  • Magnetic Field Coils

    The EMC Shop stocks a variety of EMC Magnetic Field Coils for pre-compliance & certification testing.

    Magnetic coils are designed to conduct magnetic field immunity test of electrical and electronic products with high reliability as per IEC61000-4-8, IEC61000-4-9, IEC61000-4-10 and more.

    Power frequency magnetic field test is mainly to simulate the magnetic environment in residence, commercial and industrial district, power station, and low and high substation.

    Standards Met:

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  • EMC Tripods

    EMC Tripods for a variety of EMC antennas and applications

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    • Made with mostly nylon material
    • Specifically made for AH-220 Horn antenna
    • Center rod height range: 0.6 to 1.2 meters
    • Stable and easy to install
    • Three year warranty
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    • Ideal for test site verification and in-situ measuring
    • Can be combined with a comb generator as Reference Radiation Source
    • Light weight and very compact
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    • Frequency range: 25 MHz to 300 MHz
    • Collapsible antenna elements
    • Transmit & Receive Capabilities
    • Individual Calibration
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    • Emissions and Immunity Testing Biconical Dipole Antenna
    • 25 MHz to 300 MHz Frequency Range
    • Transmit & Receive Capabilities
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    $688.50 $765.00 -10%
    • Receiving Loop Antenna Designed Specifically for MIL-STD-461, RE101 Testing
    • 30 Hz to 100 kHz  Frequency Range
    • Antenna Base Plate Ensures Required 7 cm Separation Between Antenna and EUT 
    • Individual Calibration per SAE ARP958 Included 
    • Three-year Standard Warranty
    • Connectors: BNC (female)
    $688.50 $765.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
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    • 9 kHz to 30 MHz (RA01);
    • 150 kHz to 30 MHz (RA01HV) frequency range
    • Built-in preamplifier for high sensitivity
    • Rechargeable battery of long operation time
    • Excellent flatness
    • Tripod mounting adapter
    • Individual calibration
    • Easy assembling
    • High rejection to mains frequencies
    • Robust,rustproof aluminium case,ground plane and rod
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    • Physical dimensions and electrical characteristics according to IEC 62493
    • Protection network included
    • Individual calibration
    • Robust, rustproof construction
    • Lightweight Automatic calculation of factor F
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    • Ideal for compliance emission testing
    • One antenna - one sweep
    • Saves up to 30% test time
    • Excellent symmetry
    • Common carrier shippable
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    • Ideal for compliance emission testing
    • VHF radio approval applications
    • Immunity testing to 300 Watts CW
    • Excellent balance < 1dB
    • No rotational offsets
    • Easily transportable
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    • Broadband immunity and emission antenna
    • Less than 100 W required above 80 MHz
    • Can also be used for emission testing
    • Low chamber coupling
    • Up to 30% saving in test time
    • Excellent symmetry
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    • Immunity testing to 300 watts
    • Excellent symmetry ±1 dB (typically better than ±0.5 dB)
    • Improved high frequency gain
    • No rotational offsets
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    • Ultra-broadband immunity antenna
    • For compact chambers
    • Reduced chamber coupling
    • Up to 30% test time saved
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Showing 1 - 12 of 82 items