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Automotive EMC Standards

With the rise of electrical vehicles, more emphasis is given to test standards to ensure safety and functionality from component, sub assembly and complete hevicle level. The EMC shop is supplying automotive EMC test equipment for international compliance standards such as ISO 7637 and ISO 16750-2, as well as for manufacturer specific test standards. Most test standards revolve around the conducted immunity for electrical disturbances, but also include applications for wireless RF immunity and emissions.Diagram - Typical Pulse Genrator in Automotive EMC Test Standards

Automotive EMC Test Equipment

RF Conducted Immunity - Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Method

Radiated Immunity Using a Stripline

Magnetic Immunity using Helmholtz Coil

Immunity to Electrical Fast Transients

Electrostatic Discharge Immunity

CISPR 25 Radiated Emissions

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Automotive EMC Standards There are 39 products.


  • ISO 7637-2

    The EMC Shop stocks automotive test equipment for compliance to ISO 7637-2. Buy, rent or lease turnkey test solutions with automated software for easy test setup and execution.

    ISO 7637-2 Automotive EMC Test Equipment

    Pulse 1.

    A simulation of transients due to supply disconnection from inductive loads; it applies to a DUT if as used in the vehicle, it remains connected directly in parallel with an inductive load.

    Pulse 2a.

    Simulates transients due to sudden interruption of currents in a device connected in parallel with the DUT due to the inductances of the wiring harness.

    Pulse 2b.

    Simulates transients from DC motors acting as generators after the ignition is switched off.

    Pulse 3a/3b.

    Occurs as the result of switching processes. The characteristics of this pulse are influenced by distributed capacitance and inductance of the wiring harness.

    Pulse 4.

    The voltage reduction caused by energizing the starter motor circuits of the internal combustion engines.

    Pulse 4 variants.

    Most manufacturer variations of pulse four are generally much more complicated. For example Ford requires up to four arbitrary generators with four outputs to be perfectly synchronized.

    Pulse 5.

    Simulation of a load dump transient occurring in the event of a discharged battery being disconnected while the alternator is generating charging current with other loads remaining on the alternator circuit at this moment.

    Magnetic field immunity.

    Simulates magnetic fields generated by electric motors, daytime running lamps, etc. for DUTs with magnetically sensitive devices.

    Transformer coupled sine waves.

    Sinusodial noise coupled on battery lines. Often referred to as ground shift.

    ISO 7637-2 Test Software

    3ctest Autolab allows for standard ISO 7637-2 test pulses as well as manual parameters changes for custom or manufacturer specific tests.

    ISO 7637-2 Automotive EMC Test Equipment

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  • ISO 7637-3

    ISO 7637-3 applies to road vehicles fitted with nominal 12 V or 24 V electrical systems. Rent, buy or lease ISO 7637-3 Test Pulse Generators for Electrical Transient Testing on Road Vehicles. The EMC Shop specializes in automotive compliance testing.


    ISO 7637-3 defines test methods to evaluate the immunity of devices under test (DUTs) to transient pulses coupled to lines other than supply lines. The test pulses simulate both fast and slow transient disturbances caused by the switching of inductive loads and relay contact bounce.


    For transient pulses immunity, Annex B provides recommended test severity levels in line with the functional performance status classification (FPSC) principle described in ISO 7637‑1.

    ISO 7637-3 Test Methods

    • Capacitive coupling clamp (CCC) method
    • Direct capacitive coupling (DCC) method
    • Inductive coupling clamp (ICC) method

    ISO 7637-3 CCC Test Setup

    ISO 7637-3 CCC Capacitive Coupling Clamp Test Setup

  • ISO 10605

    ISO 10605 Automotive ESD Test Equipment

    ISO 10605:2008 describes test procedures for evaluating both electronic modules on the bench and complete vehicles. It also describes a test procedure that classifies the ESD sensitivity of modules for packaging and handling. ISO 10605:2008 applies to all types of road vehicles regardless of the propulsion system (e.g. spark-ignition engine, diesel engine, electric motor).

    ISO 10605:2008 is based in part on IEC 61000-4-2 and describes vehicle-specific requirements.

    ISO 10605:2008 does not apply to pyrotechnic modules.

  • ISO 11452

    ISO 11452 consists of the following parts, under the general title Road vehicles — Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy:

    • — Part 1: General principles and terminology
    • — Part 2: Absorber-lined shielded enclosure
    • — Part 3: Transverse electromagnetic mode (TEM) cell
    • — Part 4: Harness excitation methods
    • — Part 5: Stripline
    • — Part 7: Direct radio frequency (RF) power injection
    • — Part 8: Immunity to magnetic fields
    • — Part 9: Portable transmitters
    • — Part 10: Immunity to conducted disturbances in the extended audio frequency range
    • — Part 11: Reverberation chamber
  • ISO 16750-2

    This part of ISO 16750 applies to electric and electronic systems/components for road vehicles. ISO 16750-2 describes the potential environmental stresses and specifies tests and requirements recommended for the specific mounting location on/in the road vehicle.

    The EMC Shop specializes in automotive transient test equipment. Rent, buy or lease ISO 16750-2 load dump generators and other test equipment.

    Output Waveform ISO 16750-2 Load Dump Generator

    Output Waveform ISO 16750-2 Load Dump Generator

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is not covered by this part of ISO 16750. Electrical loads are independent from the mounting location, but can vary due to the electrical resistance in the vehicle wiring harness and connection system.

  • IEC 61851-21

    IEC 61851-21 EMC test equipment for electric vehicle charging stations. Contact The EMC Shop for more more information.

  • IEC 61851-22

    IEC 61851-22 EMC test equipment for electric vehicle charging stations. Contact The EMC Shop for more more information.

  • Ford FMC1278

    The EMC Shop specializes in automotive radiated and conducted emissions and susceptibility testing. Rent, buy or lease Ford FMC1278 EMC test equipment.

  • GMW 3097

    Rent, buy or lease GMW 3097 Test Equipment. The EMC Shop specializes in electromagnetic compatibility of electronic components for passenger vehicles and light duty trucks.

    GMW 3097 Test Equipment Sections

  • GMW3172

    Rent, buy or lease GMW3172 Automotive Transient Immunity Testing Equipment.The EMC Shop specializes in compliance testing on road vehicles.

  • SAE J1455

    The EMC Shop typically has load dump simulators compliant to SAE J1455 in stock, calibration, equipped with a laptop and software (not standard) and ready to ship that day. Rent, buy or lease SAE J1455 Load Dump Test Equipment at The EMC Shop, a company specializing in automotive electrical conducted disturbance test solutions. Check out all of our Automotive EMC Test Equipment solutions.

    SAE J1455 Load Dump Test Equipment

    1. SAE J1455 Load Dump Test EquipmentTransient Generators with Coupling Capability
      1. 50 Amps
      2. 100 Amps
      3. 200 Amps
    2. Software with Test Standards Library for easy setup and testing.
    3. Calibration Documentation with Data
    4. User Manual
  • UL 2231-2 Section 24

    Rent, buy or lease UL 2231-2 Section 24 Electric Vehicle (EV) Supply Circuits: Particular Requirements for Protection Devices for Use in Charging Systems.

    UL 2231-2 Test Equipment

  • UNECE Regulation 10

    Rent, buy or lease UNECE Regulation 10 Test Equipment. The EMC Shop specializes in vehicle radiated and conducted emissions and immunit testing.

  • SAE J-1113


    EMC/EMI Testing Services              Automotive EMI/EMC Testing              ISO 16750-2 Load Dump Generators


    SAE J-1113 Surface Vehicle Standard for “ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATABILITY MEASUREMENT PROCEEDURES AND LIMITS FOR VEHICLE COMPONENTS (EXCEPT AIRCRAFT) (60 HZ TO 18 GHZ)". The EMC Shop specializes in electromagnetic compatibility measurement and testing on vehicle components. Rent, buy or lease test equipment for SAE J-1113 sections below.


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    SAE J-1113 Active Parts:

    J-1113-1: General description and Definitions.

    J-1113-4 Conducted Immunity- Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Method

    J-1113-11: Immunity to Conducted Transients on Power Leads

    J-1113-12: Electrical Interference by Conduction and Coupling- Coupling Clamp

    J-1113-13: Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge

    J-1113-21: Road Vehicles- Electrical Disturbances by Narrowband Radiated Electromagnetric Energy Component Test Methods – Absorber Lined Chamber

    SAE J-1113 Withdrawn Parts:

    J-1113-2: Conducted Immunity, 30 Hz to 250 kHz, Power Leads.

    J-1113-3: Conducted Immunity, 250 kHz to 500 MHz, Direct Radio Frequency (RF) Power Injection.

    J-1113-22: Immunity to Radiated Magnetic Fields from Power Lines

    J-1113-23: Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields, 10 kHz to 200 MHz, Strip Line Method

    J-1113-24: Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields, 10 kHz to 200 MHz, TEM Cell Method

    J-1113-25: Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields, 10 kHz to 500 MHz, Tri-plate Line Method

    J-1113-26: Immunity to AC Power Line Electric Fields

    J-1113-27: Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields Reverberation Chamber Method

    J-1113-28: Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields - Reverberation Method (Mode Tuning)

    J-1113-41: Test Limits and methods of Measurement of Radio Disturbance Characteristics from Vehicle Components and Modules, Narrowband, 150 kHz to 1000 MHz

    J-1113-42: Conducted Transient Emissions

  • LV 123 Test Systems

    LV 123 is a harmonized document of test requirements of all German OEMs: ∕ Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW. The EMC Shop stocks test systems for testing and compliance to LV 123.

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    • Sophisticated and Easy to Use GUI
    • User-defined programming of most standard waveforms
    • Control all 3ctest automotive conducted immunity test equipment
    • Program multi-channel waveforms
    • Custom waveform generation
    • Test sequencing and scheduling, one key remote control
    • Easy Test Reporting
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  • Request Quote/More Info
    • The only complete, compliant solution for ISO 7637-2 emissions testing
    • Clean, reliable 100 A operation with very low voltage drop
    • Industry standard relay footprint for a wide selection of relays (one 100 A relay included)
    • Separate control station with automatic, manual or external triggering of the switching behavior
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    • Economic Alternative for Automotive EMC Compliance
    • Meets ISO 7637 Pulses 1, 2a, 3a aand 3b
    • Built-in EFT/Burst generator module
    • Built-in Micropulse generator module (ISO 7637, JASO, SAE and NISSAN)
    Request Quote/More Info
    • Voltage up to 60V
    • Current up to 10A (peak up to 15 A)
    • Bipolar-amplifier models available
    • Low output impedance
    • Powerful DC voltage source
    • Pulses 4 and 2b (ISO 7637-2/ISO 16750-2)
    • Pre-programmed test routines to simulate various supply waveforms
    • Input for external signal generator to produce most complex waveforms
    • Software for Windows Vista & Windows 7
    • USB and GPIB interfaces
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    • ISO 16750-2 TEST A/B
    • ISO 7637-2 P5a/P5b
    • Generates clipped load dump pulse 
    • internal adjustable source impedance 
    • Pulse duration up to 1200ms (internal resistance more than 2 Ω)
    • Comply with most international standards and car manufacturer standards 
    • Built-in 60V/30A coupler 
    • With the function of current detection and over current protection 
    • Ethernet, RJ 45, PC control

    Request Quote/More Info
    • Built-in EFT/Burst generator module
    • Built-in Micropulse generator module (ISO 7637, JASO, SAE and NISSAN)
    • Built-in coupling/decoupling network, 80V/50A, 100A@500ms
    • Built-in battery switch
    • Overcurrent protection
    • USB and GPIB-Bus
    • Emergency stop
    • Software for Windows Vista & Windows 7
    Request Quote/More Info
    • MT 5511 Micro Transients
    • FT 5531 Fast Transients
    • LD 5550 Load Dump Generator
    • More plug in modules are available depending on testing requirements
    • Controlled via PC with included Software
    • Built-in 100 A coupler/battery switch
    • Contains space for up to five transient modules
    • Supports USB and GPIB
    Request Quote/More Info
    • Air- and contact-discharge to 30 kV
    • Color touch panel control
    • Advanced voltage-hold feature
    • Activity log
    • Light version with uncompromising test performance
    • Compliant with a huge range of OEM and international standards
    • Easily and quickly interchangeable discharge networks
    • Discharge detector
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    • Rentals Ship Immediately
    • 2-Day Free Transit
    • Auto Invoicing of Rental Rate each Month
    • Package Includes:
      • EFT & Microburst Generator
      • Coupler for ISO 7627 1,2a,3a, 3b pulses
      • Software License
      • Accredited Calibration
    Request Quote/More Info
    • Rentals includes all accessories for Air- and contact-discharge to 30 kV
    • Discharge Networks for Unique Resistance & Capacitance Requirements
    • NIST Calibration documentation with data provided
    • Same Day Shipping on Orders Placed by 3 PM
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