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The EMC Shop rents, sells and services IFI amplifiers. Instruments for Industry in Ronkonkoma closed in 2020. IFI lead the path in traveling wave tube amplifiers for military and aerospace high frequency susceptibility testing. Once acquired by Ametek, the inability to stay up to date on solid state technology, as well as declining customer service, lead to the closure of the Ronkokoma facility. While IFI amplifiers are still available from Ametek, service is to be performed by Milmega in Europe and as a sub 6 GHz, solid state amplifier company, servicing traveling wave tube amplifiers has been quite a challenge.

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  • IFI Pulsed Amplifiers

    Pulsed amplifiers are required for automotive, military and aerospace testing. IFI is the leading manufacturer in pulsed amplifier systems and works with The EMC Shop to stock or deliver most pulsed amplifiers quickly.

  • IFI Millimeter TWT Amplifiers (18 - 40 GHz)

    IFI manufacturers broadband millimeter TWT amplifiers to cover high frequency radiated susceptibility testing applications from 18 to 40 GHz.

  • IFI Solid State Amplifiers (10kHz - 18 GHz)

    Rent, buy or lease IFI Solid State Amplifiers (10kHz - 18 GHz). The EMC Shop specializes in radiated immunity and susceptibility testing.

  • IFI Gridded Pulsed/CW TWT Amplifiers

    Rent, buy or lease IFI Gridded Pulsed/CW TWT Amplifiers. The EMC Shop specializes in radiated immunity and susceptibility testing.

  • IFI CW TWT Amplifiers

    IFI's CW-TWTA (Continuous Waveform-Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers) product line fill the requirements for all your high frequency, high-power microwave testing applications. IFI designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of Power and High-Power TWT (traveling wave tube) Amplifiers for both the commercial and military markets. These traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA) are available with a full host of options.

    RF Microwave CW-TWT Instrumentation Amplifier Applications Include:

    IFI's CW TWT (traveling wave tube) Amplifiers and amplifier systems are designed for a host of EMC, EMI and RF testing and instrumentation applications as well as EW and ECM jamming amplifiers. Wheather you require Low Power, Medium Power, High power, Wideband, Ultra-Wideband or Broadband amplifiers IFI has the right amplifier to forfill all your testing and instrumentation requirements.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items