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The EMC Shop specializes in antenna plotting systems and software in microwave frequencies. Rent, buy or lease antenna pattern measurement test equipment up to 50 GHz. Software included allows for radiation pattern, gain, phase, ploarization and impedance measurements.


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Antenna Pattern Measurement Parameters

Commercial Antennas

  • Gain
  • Bandwidth
  • 3D Radiation pattern
  • Beamwidth
  • Polarization
  • Impedance

EMC/EMI Antennas

  • Antenna Factors
  • VSWR
  • Gain
  • Power Handling
  • 2D - Horizontal & Vertical

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    • Multiple tasks (RF specification, antenna specification, high and low temperature test)
    • 6 GHz System with 20 GHz VNA and Software.
    • Designed for OTA test of mmW-AiP, and on-chip antenna array
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    • Fully integrated test system with chamber install and onsite training
    • Fast delivery schedule and project setup
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    • DC to 40 GHz Frequency Range
    • Lightweight acrylic construction
    • Professionally machined parts
    • Precision calibrated RF cables
    • Silver/carbon rotary joints
    • Feature-packed software
    • Detailed, full-color users manual
    • Full technical support
    • Parts and labor warranty
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    • 19GHz ~ 50GHz (extensible)
    • RF Performance measurement of MMW chipset (AIP) & antenna arrays
    • Compact portable OTA measurement system
    • Support low and high temperature (-45 °C ~ 115°C) test after expanding
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    • 26GHz ~ 40GHz (up to 20GHz ~ 50GHz) Frequency
    • Measurement, Calibration, Diagnosis
    • Fast Multi-Beam & Multi-Pattern Measurement
    • 2600mmx1380mmx1980mm
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    • 7.5GHz ~ 50GHz (up to 7.5GHz ~ 100GHz) Frequency
    • Measurement, Calibration, Diagnosis
    • Fast Multi-Beam & Multi-Pattern Measurement
    • High Resolution Sampling
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    • 0.6GHz ~ 6GHz Frequency Range
    • Movable & Integrated Design, Overall Transport, Fast Delivery
    • Minimal space consuption by making full use of R&D Lab
    • Support all wireless communication standards
    • Cover all standard test items
    • Asymmtric multi-probe can reduce interference and increase the measuring speed
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    • 0.4GHz ~ 6GHz Frequency Range
    • Support all wireless communication standards
    • Cover all standard test items
    • Support MIMO 2x2, 4x4 and 3D OTA measurement
    • Dissociation measurement, trouble shooting
    • Provide help for antenna R&D with hardware simulation
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    • System Control/Passive Test
    • High Test Efficiency
    • Powerful Test Data Management
    • Batch Test 
    • Easy to Operate
    • Powerful Data Visualizatio
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    • 650 MHz - 6 GHz
    • Mobile, Compact and Cost Efficient
    • Suitable for DUT 45cm x 45cm x 45cm up to 15 kg
    • Measurement Capabilities:
      • Gain / Directivity
      • Beamwidth
      • Cross polar discrimination
      • 3D Radiation Pattern
      • Antenna efficiency
      • and more...
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    • motorized wooden turntables
    • low profile
    • testing platforms for rotating equipment under test (EUT)
    • remote switch
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    • Simple drag and drop icon elements
    • Analyze network path and phase
    • Create phased arrays or sector arrays
    • Create matching circuits for measured antennas
    • Measure AUTs from the schematic
    • Radar cross-section measurements
    • Includes an antenna emulation library containing ideal networks and other simulated ideal measurements
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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items