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RF signal generators are often described as function generators or waveform generators. Typically, a radio frequency signal generator is designed to produce electric signals with very high spectral purity and stable frequency and amplitude.

Radio Frequency (RF) signal generators produce CW (continues waves) tones. The output frequency can be tuned anywhere in its frequency range. Our models offer various types of analog modulation and include AM, FM, Phase and Pulse modulation.

Rent, buy, or lease  EMC/EMI Signal Generators with AM, FM, Pulse, and Phase modulation for IEC, MIL-STD, DO-160, CISPR and more. The EMC Shop stocks signal generators for product compliance.

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    • Frequency coverage to 40 GHz
    • Fast frequency and amplitude switching speed (< 900 μs, 600 μs typ)
    • Fast switching frequency and amplitude switching
    • High power (+18 dBm to 3.2 to 20 GHz)
    • AM, FM, phase modulation
    • Pulse modulation
    • Instrument security
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    • Wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
    • Excellent signal characteristics with low SSB phase noise of typ. –128 dBc
    • All important analog modulations with AM, FM/φM and pulse modulation supported
    • All-purpose signal source
    • Best signal quality in the mid-range
    • High output power and wide level range



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    • Calibrated, Ships Same Day
    • 520- Frequency Range: 9 KHz to 20 GHz
    • 1E1- Step attenuator, 115 dB
    • 1EA- High output power
    • UNW - AM FM Phase modulation/Narrow pulse modulation
    • Ideal for MIL-STD-461 RS103 Testing
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    • Integrated signal generator 80 MHz to 6 GHz
    • Integrated RF switch network
    • Integrated 3 freely configurable pulse modulators (1 μs to 200 s) for radar pulse profiles
    • Multiple EUT monitoring options
    • 3.5“ TFT color display
    • Safety interlock function
    • Remote control via USB, RS232 or LAN
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    • 100 kHz–6 GHz Frequency Range
    • Comprehensive modulation capability
    • Convenience of control from the front panel
    • Remote communications using either GPIB or RS-232
    • Provides electronic trip protection which protects the generator output against reverse power up to 50 watts
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    • Used unit comes with 6 month warranty
    • NIST Calibration Certificate
    • Digital sweep in discrete steps
    • 9 kHz to 6 GHz
    • Frequency, level and LF sweeps
    • AM, broadband FM/phase (optional), pulse modulation
    • Includes Rear Connectors R&S® SMA-B81
    • Built-in LF generator up to 1 MHz
    • Very low SSB phase noise
    • Very short frequency and level setting times
    • Fast hopping mode
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    • 9 kHz to 2.4 GHz Frequency Range
    • Linear and Logarithmic Sweep Mode
    • RS232 & GPIB Control
    • Small footprint for bench or rack use
    • Reverse Power Protected to 50 W
    • 1 Hz Resolution
    • -140 to +13 dBm Peak RF output level with 0.1 dB Resolution
    • AM, FM, Amplitude, Phase, Pulse, FSK Modulation
    • 3.9 kHz Bessel filtered FSK
    • Sine, Triangular and Square Two-Tone Modulation Source
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    • Remote control via GPIB, Ethernet or USB
    • 100kHz to 22GHz
    • Pulse Generator
    • Narrow Pulse Modulation
    • Removable GPIB Included
    • Step Attenuator Included
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    • Frequency Range 9 kHz to 2.08 GHz
    • Frequency Resolution 1 Hz
    • Level Range -140 to +13 dBm, Over Range up to 19 dBm
    • Level Accuracy Better than 1 dB
    • SSB Phase Noise <-114 dB at 1 GHz, Δf = 20 kHz
    • AM, FM, phiM, and Pulse Modulation
    • Modulation Generator 1 Hz to 500 kHz
    • RF Overload Protection 50 W
    • Low RF Leakage (<0.1 µV)
    • Non-volatile Storage for up to 50 Complete Front-panel Setups
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    • 9kHz - 3.0GHz Frequency Range
    • Provides reliable RF signal generation at an affordable price
    • Easily perform general purpose testing with a full sweep function
    • Expand your test with extensive analog and optional IQ modulation
    • Simpler front panel and remote operation with an intuitive GUI in 11 languages and standard USB connectivity
    • Confidently verify the design of today’s consumer electronic products
    • Obtain reliable results in installation and maintenance, service and repair
    • Provide essential RF education training


    • Quick Start Guide
    • USB cable
    • Country-specific power cord
    • Documentation set (CD-ROM)
    • 3-year return-to-Keysight warranty
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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items