Used RF Anechoic Chambers

The EMC Shop has experts in RF anechoic and semi-anechoic chamber building, upgrade and retrofitting. With a wide variety of manufacturer and fabricators to select from, The EMC Shop can offer you the most suitable solution catered to your testing and facility requirements.

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    • EUT Chamber Dimension : 127 x 120 x 108 cm
    • AP Shield Box Dimension : 60 x 60 x 35 cm
    • System integration stand for easy movement (caster system)
    • ETF-198 programmable RF attenuators with OTA & conduction port
    • WiFi high gain dual band antenna / ultra small size
    • EUT turntable (30 cm)
    • RS-232 Cable TurnTable Controll
    • AC filter (Rate 9A-Max) x2, RJ-45 x3 , RS-232 x1,
    • Fan & Air flow x2, SMA Connector x 16 (Total package)

    Mobile Shield

    • Standard configurations:
      W 85cm x H 120cm x L 115cm
      W 90cm x H 120cm x L 115cm
      W 110cm x H 120cm x L 115cm
    • Isolation: electrical fields and plane waves 100dB @ 0.3-18GHz
    • Electrical push button door
    • System integration stand for easy movement (caster system)
    • Graphite cone absorbers
    • Panel 2mm thick zinc plated steel plate
    • Standard interface panel: USB x2, VGA x1, DC Jack x3, RJ45 (including filter) x1, SMA x2
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    • All Panabolt™ shielding panels, framing and fasteners for a complete self-supported enclosure
    • Full treatment of Ferrite Tile and HYB-NF-12 Absorber on the EUT end wall and specular patches on the side walls
    • Removable floor treatment (10’ x 11’) of ferrite panels for EN 61000-4-3
    • One (1) 4′ wide x 7′ high Single Leaf RCM Door with Phenolic Handle
    • Two (2) 12″ x 12″ Waveguide air vents with dielectric collars
    • Four (4) – 2-wire, 30 amp, power line filters for 50 Hz/60 Hz requirements
    • Six (6) 1’ by 1’ LED light panels with filtering.
    • One (1) 12″ x 12″ Brass Connector Panel
    • One (1) 1.0” waveguide pipe penetration
    • One (1) threaded brass ground stud
    • One WGF-6 Fiber Optic WG
    • Vinyl floor tile
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items