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Diamond Engineering DE700-18 700MHz - 18GHz Broadband Reference Horn Antenna


  • 700MHz - 18GHz
  • Ultra Broadband Design
  • Special lens for broadband high gain
  • Silver plated elements
  • Low VSWR
  • Monotonically increasing gain
  • Constant phase center
  • Light Weight Construction
  • Built-in alignment laser
  • Individual calibration data
  • Custom calibration distances
  • 2 year Warranty

Ideal For

  • Antenna Gain Measurements
  • 5G Measurements
  • RCS / Time Domain
  • Material Measurement

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Test Equipment Description

Diamond Engineering DE700-18 700MHz - 18GHz Broadband Reference Horn Antenna.

The Diamond Engineering Reference Horn Antenna has been designed to eliminate the need for multiple reference antennas when testing a broad frequency spectrum. Capable of operating from 500 MHz up to 40+ GHz while being completely system compatible, it is ideal for measurements, broadband spectral analysis or point to point communications. Unlike most other reference horns on the market the Diamond Engineering reference horn also features a dielectric lens which dramatically improves beam profile and gain. In fact, the gain actually increases with frequency, similar to true aperture gain! The excellent match and monotonic gain provides the combination of application and performance.

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