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3ctest MFS 1200 Series Power Frequency Magnetic Field Simulator View larger

3ctest MFS 1200 Series Power Frequency Magnetic Field Simulator


  • 5.7 inch color touch screen front panel operation 
  • Compatible to IEC 61000-4-8 test
  • Electronic magnetic relay protection if voltage and current is more than rated value
  • Ttemperature protection 
  • Programmable setup for test voltage, polarity and phase sync angle by software to save time
  • Ethernet,RJ45 port for PC remote control, print and documentation

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Test Equipment Description

Power frequency magnetic field simulator MFS series is designed to conduct power frequency magnetic field immunity test of electrical and electronic products with high reliability as per IEC61000-4-8 and GB/T17626.8. It can offer accurate reference for EUT during power frequency magnetic field immunity test. It is mainly to simulate the magnetic environment in residence, commercial and industrial district, power station, and low and high substation.

General Data
Display screen5.7 inch TFT touch screen
Working mains110V/220V, ±10%, 50/60Hz(default AC 220V 50Hz)
Max. Power consumption100W
Memory spaceInfinite(PC)
Communication modeEthernet LAN、RJ45
Output modeStandard 1m coaxial cable
Size19 inch/6U/4U
WeightApprox. 35Kg-68Kg
Air pressure86kPa–106kPa
PFMF Test as per IEC 61000-4-8
PFMF module
StandardsIEC/EN 61000-4-8、GB/T 17626.8
Magnetic field strength  TCXS113three-turn 1m*1m square coil: 1-300A/m continuous, 300-1200A/m 1~10s short time
Magnetic field output  accuracyThe error less than 1dB of setting the output value (Minimum magnetic field strength such as 1A/m shall be calibrated manually before test)
Current waveform50Hz/60Hz sine wave
Current deviation<5%
Waveform interval1-9999s
Test duration1-28800s
Trigger modeAutomatic, manual or external signal trigger
Coil size1000*1000mm or other
Coil shapeRectangle or other
Number of coilSingle turn / three-turn
Output strengthProgrammable setup
Optional Accessories
1. MFT 1200PFMF regulating device
2. TCXS/H seriesMagnetic field coil
TCXS 1111m*1m  coil
TCXS 1131m*1m  coil
TCXSS3353m*3m coil
TCXSH11101m*1m helmholtz coil
3. VMT seriesRegulating device for voltage dip, interruption, variation and PFMF
VMT 2212SV220V 10A with variation, magnetic field 400/1200A
VMT 2212S220V 10A without variation, magnetic field 400/1200A
PC control software EMSLab
With PC installed WIN XP and WIN7, it can be easily operated to make the measurement, based on the customized test program. It can identify any device with automatic configuration. It can easily generate test reports.
Basic Equipments
MFS simulator, magnetic field coil, power cable, EUT supply cable, internet cable, power cord, ground wire 5 meters, factory test report, warranty report, user manual 

Associated EMC Test Equipment

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