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Schwarzbeck CTIA 0710 Dual Polarized Broadband Horn Antenna View larger

Schwarzbeck CTIA 0710 Dual Polarized Broadband Horn Antenna


  • Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna
  • Dual polarized Broadband Horn Antenna
  • Frequency range: 0.7 - 10 GHz
  • Connector: SMA-female
  • Size: 235 x 200 x 235 mm
  • Weight: 0.84 Kg

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Test Equipment Description

Linear polarized dual double ridged broadband antenna for receive and transmit applications made of aluminium. Main applications of the CTIA 0710 are OTA-measurements (over the air) as e.g. TIS (total isotropic sensivity), TRP (total radiated power), NHPRP (near horizon partial radiated power). 

Nominal Frequency Range0.7...10 GHz
Isotropic Gain5 ... 13 dBi (f > 1 GHz)
Antenna Factor25 ... 39 dB/m (f > 1 GHz)
Nominal Impedance50 Ω
Standing Wave Ratio SWR typical2
Standing Wave Ratio SWR max.< 3 (f > 1.25 GHz)
Port Isolationtyp. > 30 dB
Cross Polarisationtyp. > 25 dB
3 dB Beamwidth typ. (E-Plane)40-80°
3 dB Beamwidth typ. (H-Plane)40-140°
Max. Input Power100 W (intermitt.)
50 W (cont.)
SMA-Connector female
Mountflange plate with 4 holes φ 6.2 mm in square, drill spacing 75 mm
Width x Length x Height235 x 200 x 235 mm
Weight0.84 kg
Option Mounting Tube220 x 22 mm

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