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3ctest CWS 600CT Combination Wave & Telecom Surge Simulator View larger

3ctest CWS 600CT Combination Wave & Telecom Surge Simulator, 1.2/50us 8/20us 10/700us 5/320us


  • Meet UL 1449, ANSI C62.41, IEC 61000-4-5, EN & IEC 60255-5
  • Cost effective CDN's for unshielded symmetric and asymmetric communication lines
  • Built in Single Phase CDN
  • 0.3kV – 6.0kV
  • 5.7" Color Touch Screen
  • Surge Voltage and Current Monitoring
  • Remote Control Functionality via LAN Ethernet

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Voltage Rating AC 110V/220V , ±10%,
Frequency Range 50/60Hz±5%
Standards Met UL 1449, ANSI C62.41, IEC 61000-4-5, EN & IEC 60255-5, GB/T 17626.5
RF Connector BNC, 5VTTL
Mains & EUT Connections 4mm banana plug
Pulse voltage (open circuit) 0.3kV–6.0kV ±10%
Combination wave pulse 1, 2/50 - 8/20 μs (Hybrid-Surge pulse)
Pulse conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-5
Parameter Value
Impedance 2 phm, Optional 12 ohm and 500 ohm
Pulse current (short circuit) 0.15 kA–3.0kA ±10% (2ohm)
Coupling Optional for external SPN series CDN's
Pulse repetition 1-999
Polarity Positive, Negative and Alternating
Test duration 6s-99s
Telecom Surge
As per FCC part 68, Pulse B, IEC 61000-4-5, ITU and ETSI recommendations
Parameter Value
Test Voltage 0.2kV–6.0kV,±10%
Polarity Positive, Negative or Alternate
Counter 1-999
Front Time Voltage: 10us±20%, time to half value: 700us±20%;
Pulse Duration 11s-99s (shortest depends on test voltage)
Output Current Front time: 5us±20%, time to half value: 320us±20%
Transfer Impedance 15ohm, 40ohm (automatic switch)
Dimensions 19 inch/6u
Weight Approx 15 kg (33 lbs)

Test Equipment Description

The 3ctest CWS 600CT combination wave and telecom surge simulator provides 1.2/50us, 8/20us, 10/700us and 5/320us waveforms per UL 1449, ANSI C62.41, IEC 61000-4-5, EN & IEC 60255-5, GB/T 17626.5 and other test standards. CDN's are available for unshielded symmetric or assymetric communication lines. Software can be used to control the surge simulator remotely, make measurements and generate test reports.

The CWS 600CT has a modern color touch screen interface making it easy to set up and run test sequences. Software is available to generate reports and control the system remotely.

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