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Diamond Engineering designs and manufactures antenna measurement systems, RF power amplifiers and custom measurement software. With over 25 years in the Microwave/ RF industry and utilizing state of the art technology and precision components we can deliver antenna measurement soltutions that will rival the competition and suit almost any need or budget. Used by universities, small/large companies, and government agencies around the world, our products are backed by a full replacement/repair warranty along with premier technical support. Customer service is our #1 priority!

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  • Antenna Measurement Products

    Low Cost, Advance Software, Easy to Use, Versality, Instrument Compatibility and Complete Package! Rent, buy or lease Diamond Engineering Antenna Measurement Products. The EMC Shop specializes in antenna pattern measurement.

  • Broadband Reference Horn Antennas

    The Diamond Engineering Reference Horn Antenna has been designed to eliminate the need for multiple reference antennas when testing a broad frequency spectrum. Capable of operating from 500 MHz up to 40+ GHz while being completely system compatible, it is ideal for measurements, broadband spectral analysis or point to point communications. Unlike most other reference horns on the market the Diamond Engineering reference horn also features a dielectric lens which dramatically improves beam profile and gain. In fact, the gain actually increases with frequency, similar to true aperture gain! The excellent match and monotonic gain provides the combination of application and performance. 

  • DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio

    Designed for quick learning and maximum productivity, the DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio includes many time saving features. This includes such options as an instant help button which provides on the spot assistance or explanations of any function.

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    • High-resolution floor mount positioner
    • 3D Spherical measurements
    • Precision Z axis slider for precise AUT centering
    • Includes DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio Pro
    • 5 Axis option for automated phase center Measurement

    Included Items

    • D6050 Base Positioner
    • Roll axis with G10 Mast and control cable
    • 2 x 10’ RF Cables
    • Power supply
    • USB/Serial communications cable
    • AUT Mounting hardware
    • Digital and Laser level for alignment
    • Tools
    • Users manual
    • Antenna Measurement Studio w/Pro License
    • Programming manual
    4-6 Weeks
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