Absorber-lined Shielded Enclosures (ALSE)

For radiated emission measurements, the reflected energy can cause errors of as much as 20 dB. Therefore, it is necessary to apply r.f. absorber material to the walls and ceiling of a shielded enclosure that is to be used for radiated emissions measurements. No absorber material is required for the floor. The following ALSE requirements shall also be met for performing radiated r.f. emissions measurements.

Buy new or used Absorber-lined Shielded Enclosures (ALSE). The EMC Shop specializes in radiated emissions, immunity/susceptibility testing and compliance.

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    • Rigid construction
    • Inside complete flat surface (no connection elements as used for pan-type or sandwich
    • construction) for optimum power and field performance
    • Outside reinforced frame for optimum stability
    • Plug’n’Play chamber – fully tested and ready to use – no on-site assembling necessary
    • In addition wheels for easy transportation (optional as table top design) – mobile design
    • Stirrer control unit with remote interface and software
    • Driver for test house software Compliance 5I/E
    • Open source commands for easy implementation of the stirrer controller in any other software
    • Applications in the automotive, military and commercial market
    • Supplied with four feed-throughs type N, media panel, Stirrer Control Program and stirrer with motor control and filtering
    • Optional power and signal filter available


    • IEC/EN 61000-4-21
    • MIL STD 461
    • RTCA/DO 160
    • ISO 11452-11
    • SAE J1113-27
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item