Programmable DC Power Supplies

Rent, buy or lease high power programmable DC power supplies. The EMC Shop stocks calibrated test equipment for signal integrity, product and compliance.

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    • 1500 V Rated voltage & range
    • Multi-phase input for 400 V AC or 208 V AC (US models)
    • High efficiency up to 95.5%
    • Output power ratings: 3.3 kW, 5 kW, 6.6 kW, 10 kW or 15 kW, expandable up to 480 kW 
    • Output voltages: 40 V up to 1500 V
    • Output currents: 30 A up to 510 A, expandable up to 5100 A
    • Flexible, power regulated output stage
    • Various protection circuits (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
    • Intuitive TFT touch panel with display for values, status and notifications
    • Remote sensing with automatic detection
    • Galvanically isolated, analog interface
    • Integrated true function generator
    • Photovoltaic array simulation
    • Internal resistance simulation and regulation
    • 40 V models compliant to SELV (EN 60950)
    • Discharge circuit (Uout < 60 V in ≤ 10 s)
    • USB port integrated
    • EMC TÜV approved for EN 61010 Class B
    • Optional, digital interface modules or alternatively installed IEEE/GPIB port
    • SCPI command language supported
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    • High Power Density: Up to 15 kW in a 3U / 30 kW in a 6U chassis
    • Wide Voltage Range: 0-40V up to 0-600V, in increments of 5 kW from 5 to 30 kW 
    • Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions 
    • Low RMS and P-P Noise: Suitable for the most sensitive applications 
    • Parallelable up to 150 kW: Expandable as your requirement grows 
    • Modular Design: Upgradeable for the ultimate in investment protection 
    • Sequencing: Program custom waveforms 
    • Easy-to-read Fluorescent Display: SGI supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages 
    • 16-bit Resolution: Optional IEEE-488.2 + RS-232C + Ethernet provides precise control 
    • Ethernet Control: LXI Class C compliant communication through integrated web server 
    • Direct Relay Control: Control output and sense isolation relays, along with polarity relays. (Ethernet Option Only) 
    • Hardware Trigger: Ethernet Option Only 
    • 5 Year Warranty

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    • Rentals ship same day
    • Accelerate test-system throughput with industry-leading speed
    • Capture your DUT’s current profile with accurate measurements
    • Reduce your ATE development time and cost with highly integrated capabilities
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    • High Power Density: up to 15 kW in 3U, 30 kW in a 6U chassis
    • Wide Voltage Range: 0-10V up to 0-1000V, from 4 to 30 kW
    • Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions
    • Low Ripple and Noise • Hardware Trigger (Ethernet Option)
    • Parallelable up to 150 kW
    • Sequencing: Free system controller & speed up test • Low audible noise: Temperature controlled variable speed fans
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items