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The EMC Shop stocks calibrated automotive emc test equipment for ISO 7637, ISO 11452, CISPR 25Ford FMC1278 and more. Rent or buy turnkey automotive EMC test solutions and begin testing immediately. For RF applications, absorber-lined shielded enclosures are available at competitive prices.

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Automotive EMC Test Equipment Categories

Diagram - Typical Pulse Genrator in Automotive EMC Test Standards

RF Conducted Immunity - Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Method

Radiated Immunity Using a Stripline

Magnetic Immunity using Helmholtz Coil

Immunity to Electrical Fast Transients

Electrostatic Discharge Immunity

CISPR 25 Radiated Emissions

Automotive EMC Testing Overview

Testing for electrical, radiated and magnetic intererence in automobiles is a growing need as the industry moves towards "Smart Cars". Domestic and foreign manufacturers will be looking for certified components to in an effort to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) in automobiles. In the past there have been concerns with "runaway" vehicles and other issues where interference was a key suspect forcing the manufacuturers to do recalls.

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    • Switch for Power supply (100 A) and signal/data lines (2 A)
    • Pulses E10 and E13 of the LV 124/LV 148 standard
    • Bidirectional current direction
    • Separate switch in the ground line
    • Rise/fall time less than 200ns
    • Built in short-circuit switch <100 mohm
    • Rated voltage ±100 VDC
    • short-circuit-proof
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    • Built-in DDS to generate sinusoidal signals up to 250kHz
    • Built-in LF amplifier, 250W
    • Output voltage max. 140V p-p, 50V rms
    • Output current max. 5A rms
    • Programmable DC voltage offset
    • Controlled by AutoWave and autowave.control via Framebus
    • Integrated voltage measurement 10Hz - 250kHz (optional)
    • Integrated field strength measurement (optional)

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    • One-box transformer and 0.5 ohm load assembly
    • Frequency response 10 Hz to 250 kHz
    • Secondary saturation 50 A per transformer
    • Audio power 2 x 200 W
    • Freely configurable on primary/secondary; serial, parallel, single
    • Turns ratio 2:1 step down
    • Built-in non-inductive load resistor 0.5 ohm, 250 W
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    • Capacitive stability mode
    • High bandwidth up to 180 kHz
    • Fast slew rate
    • Ideal for use as synchronized auxiliary channels required by various EMC standards
    • Two gain settings for universal use
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    • Large inrush current capability
    • Capacitive stability mode
    • High bandwidth up to 150 kHz
    • Fast slew rate
    • Two output ranges for power efficiency
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    • Designed in accordance to Ford standard EMC-CS-2009
    • Transients disturbances CI 220 A and C pulses
    • CI 260 waveform F
    • User replaceable relays
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    • Plug-in modules for JASO D001-94
    • For many classic Japanese immunity tests
    • Cost-effective addition to the NSG 5500 automotive transient generator
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    • Voltage up to 60V
    • Current up to 10A (peak up to 15 A)
    • Bipolar-amplifier models available
    • Low output impedance
    • Powerful DC voltage source
    • Pulses 4 and 2b (ISO 7637-2/ISO 16750-2)
    • Pre-programmed test routines to simulate various supply waveforms
    • Input for external signal generator to produce most complex waveforms
    • Software for Windows Vista & Windows 7
    • USB and GPIB interfaces
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    • ISO 16750-2 TEST A/B
    • ISO 7637-2 P5a/P5b
    • Generates clipped load dump pulse 
    • internal adjustable source impedance 
    • Pulse duration up to 1200ms (internal resistance more than 2 Ω)
    • Comply with most international standards and car manufacturer standards 
    • Built-in 60V/30A coupler 
    • With the function of current detection and over current protection 
    • Ethernet, RJ 45, PC control

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    • Verification of Pulse 3a and 3b
    • 40 dB attenuation 50 Ω
    • 46 dB attenuation 1000 Ω
    • BNC adapted for generator and oscilloscope
    • Includes high-quality BNC cable
    • Use with our Automotive Transient Immunity Generators
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Showing 13 - 24 of 44 items