SAE J1455

The EMC Shop typically has load dump simulators compliant to SAE J1455 in stock, calibration, equipped with a laptop and software (not standard) and ready to ship that day. Rent, buy or lease SAE J1455 Load Dump Test Equipment at The EMC Shop, a company specializing in automotive electrical conducted disturbance test solutions. Check out all of our Automotive EMC Test Equipment solutions.

SAE J1455 Load Dump Test Equipment

  1. SAE J1455 Load Dump Test EquipmentTransient Generators with Coupling Capability
    1. 50 Amps
    2. 100 Amps
    3. 200 Amps
  2. Software with Test Standards Library for easy setup and testing.
  3. Calibration Documentation with Data
  4. User Manual

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    • ISO 16750-2 TEST A/B
    • ISO 7637-2 P5a/P5b
    • Generates clipped load dump pulse 
    • internal adjustable source impedance 
    • Pulse duration up to 1200ms (internal resistance more than 2 Ω)
    • Comply with most international standards and car manufacturer standards 
    • Built-in 60V/30A coupler 
    • With the function of current detection and over current protection 
    • Ethernet, RJ 45, PC control

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    • Load Dump generator according to ISO 7637, ISO 16750-2, SAE J1113, SAE J1455, JASO, Nissan and most car manufacturer requirements 
    • Generates Clipped Load Dump pulses 
    • Built-in 0.5 - 38 Ohm source impedance, selectable in 0.1 Ohm steps 
    • Pulse duration up to 1,200ms
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    • MT 5511 Micro Transients
    • FT 5531 Fast Transients
    • LD 5550 Load Dump Generator
    • Autostar 7 software
    • Built-in 100 A coupler/battery switch
    • CDN 5500
    • Contains space for up to three transient modules
    • Supports USB and GPIB
    • Meets ISO 7637-2ISO 16750-2 and more
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items